10 Aesthetic Amazon Home Decor Finds I’m Drooling Over

I am beyond excited to share these most recent Amazon home decor finds, and these are only a few of the modern aesthetic items that I have found. I look for items in price points ranging from under $50 to over $100 to give a variety. I focus on quality items, reading the descriptions carefully to get a better understanding of the material of each item. Sometimes an item can look one way and come out the opposite shape, material, or style that you were hoping for when it arrives at your door. That is the nature of shopping online, but the descriptions and video tutorials of the products on Amazon make it easier to set your expectations before buying.

That is part of what I am here to do.Not everyone has the time or space to dedicate to looking at descriptions in-depth for every purchase, and that is where I come in. I share items that have caught my eye and given me that excited lit-up feeling, but beyond that, I look for quality, price points, materials, whether or not it’s Prime, and if it has three stars or less, I am less likely to recommend it. On the topic of price point, occasionally items are MORE expensive on Amazon than they are in other places and that is something that I look out for. I have so many more Amazon home decor ideas coming your way, so this is just the beginning. If you want to stay in the know, sign up for my newsletter to receive a weekly blog update with my latest Amazon finds and home decor ideas.

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What is the 2 3 rule for decorating?

The two-thirds rule applies to decorating your living room where the furniture should take up two-thirds of the area, leaving enough floor space for easy traffic flow. The painting you hang behind the couch, table, or above the fireplace should be approximately two-thirds the width.


This palo santo holder is cute and would be great for placing on top of a book stack, placing it as an accent in the bathroom, or placing it on a kitchen shelf to grab a stick and add a natural scent to the room.


This is fun and I love how organic the edges are!


These have been trending all over social media and for good reason. They fit directly over the box to make it easy to use and decorate your bathroom and living spaces.


This wooden stool can be used in many different ways. It is small and fits on top of a countertop which is the most common way that I have seen it used. It can also be placed in a bathroom with a candle, wick trimmer, a small book, and accent pieces as layers.


I first saw this beautiful modern diffuser years and years ago and have not stopped eyeing them. I am finally seeing them on Amazon and have to snag one for our living room.


This Santal oil is a great pair with the modern diffuser mentioned above!


These are great for the pantry, but can be used around the home as well! In the photo this particular jar has potpourri.


I. love. this. candle. I love the six-wicks and the rustic look of the exterior yet black for a modern vibe.


These chairs would be beautiful as accents to a dining room or living room. They could also be used as dining chairs around a full table.


This is a beautiful black cutting board that can be used as a backboard on a kitchen countertop as a decorative piece.


I love brands that care about the aesthetics of their branding. This is a small business brand on Amazon that sells its own products and cares about the ingredients in its products. It’s the little details that add to your home decor and placing these around your home in the kitchen and bathrooms will add a little aesthetics.


These marble bookends would be great for shelf styling while using an element that is both decorative and functional.


Palo Santo sticks smell amazing and are a great way to add a soothing aroma to your home with a woody and natural scent.


We keep woven baskets around the home and they are both aesthetic and functional. I love the woven look of this one and could double as a picnic basket!


These wood planters are so beautiful. I would put extra put something in the bottom to protect them from when you water your plants, but these would be so beautiful in a space to bring an organic element and add nature with both wood and greenery.

When I think of home decor, I think of the obvious items such as furniture, wall art, rugs, candles, lighting, pillows, and vases. However, you can make your home feel more style by taking those popular home decor items and layering them. Layer rugs with additional rugs. Layer a coffee table with books, candles, and accents that bring little details to your home.

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