10 Amazon Basket Finds & Where to Use Them For Modern Home Decor

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If you’ve been around this blog long enough, then you know that I am all about organic modern home decor. I love to decorate our home in a way that feels natural, which makes adding baskets the perfect solution for both home storage and organization needs as well as natural home decor. When you have textiles that feel natural such as baskets, it creates a cozy, natural-feeling appeal which in itself is welcoming and inviting. Even before we really started adding a lot of home decor items, we would get so many compliments on how cozy and welcoming our home feels, because we are intentional about the items that we do choose. My favorite style of basket is French market baskets. I use this to hang them around my home in various places such as by the front door, in the pantry, or to store items on shelves in the kid’s rooms.

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Baskets can be used in a variety of ways around your home to make it look stylish while giving you creative ways to store anything from cotton balls to shoes by the front door. You can also get a variety of baskets in different styles and price ranges, making it easy to make each room feel that it has its own style with little repetition.

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How do you use baskets in your house?


Choosing cheap baskets is going to feel cheap and reflect in your home decor. While some baskets can be pricey, not only will they withstand the weight of the items that you place in them, they will look great and hold up better over time. Which means less replacing them and spending less in the long run.


One of my favorite ways to use baskets in our home is in our foyer. I have hooks along the wall when you enter through the front door which makes it easy to hang up your purse or jacket, but I also have market baskets hung there. It makes the space feel inviting and lived in while hanging natural decor to the space to make it cozy. However, they serve a greater purpose than just acting as home decor. I use these baskets ALL the time. They are so easy to grab on my way out when we are heading to the pool and I need something quicky to collect all of our pool items in. I use them to carry random items to the car, or when we are heading to the farmers market. Having these baskets by the front door has so much useful purposes.


If I am stating the obvious, the living room often has random throw blankest and pillows making baskets necessary for storage. However, baskets in the living room can be a great way to store toys when doing a quick tidying up.


Baskets can be used to organize kitchen items such as napkins, utensils, or fruits. Place them on open shelves or countertops for easy access.


Keep toiletries, towels, and toilet paper neatly tucked away in baskets in your bathroom. You can place them on shelves or even hang them on walls using hooks.

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I have two of these, a small one and a larger one, hanging by the door in our foyer and I LOVE them! I referenced earlier having baskets hanging by the door to easily grab while on the go, well these are it.


These fit on shelves and can be used to hold polaroids in the living room or essentials in the bathroom.


I LOVE the look of these date-leaf baskets. They can be used on living room shelves for functional styling, in the bathroom to hold essentials, and can even be used as a basket for a small plant.


Small shopping baskets like this one can be used to grab things around the house while tidying up, carrying little items to the car, or at the farmers market while shopping for a small produce trip.


A larger version of a market basket if you tend to do larger shopping trips. You can it at the grocery, as a purse, or to carry things while on the go back and forth to the car like I do with my baskets.


I am a sucker for more natural, organic, and uneven-looking baskets. There is a natural rawness to them that makes the home feel so organic. I LOVE this set of two.


Another version of my French-style market baskets. Very large and great for carrying a lot of items at one.


How beautiful is this basket! I am obsessed! It’s not as floppy as some of the other market baskets, which can have its own benefits and uses around the house or doubled as a picnic basket.


These baskets come in different styles making it easy to pick up larger ones for shopping and smaller ones to give the kids their own for a fun shopping trip!

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