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Now that the countertops are in (woohoo!) I’ve been getting all the inspiration I need from recent Amazon finds to complete the look. I’ve always loved drip coffee, but I’ve been loving it even more since having our second baby. I think I love the simplicity of the process from pressing the on button after prepping the pot the night before and then pouring in my cream and sugar. I LOVE my lattes but in the morning I go for an easy-to-make classic cup of coffee. I decided that I wanted a black coffee maker and while yes I have one, I want an aesthetic black coffee maker.

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That’s when I found SMEG’s drip coffee pot. I’ve never been a super fan of the style, but I LOVE this black version! I’m honestly obsessed and yes the price is higher for a coffee maker but I am less about how much things cost and more about their long-term benefits. The first obvious benefit is that it won’t be an eyesore on my countertop. The more I enjoy the aesthetic of the item, the less likely I am to replace it or move it, which saves both the hassle of buying a new one often and moving it around our kitchen. The second benefit is that SMEG is known for having higher quality products which not only improves the user experience but also saves money in the long run from not having to replace cheaper quality coffee pots.

Aesthetic Amazon Coffee Mugs

While I don’t love clutter, I am all for having an intentional collection of mugs that I love and inspire me for my morning coffee! The black mugs in this post are not from Amazon but are my favorite mugs! They are from the Magnolia collection at Target so I’ve linked them here.

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This is a matcha bowl, and I fully intend to use it for that, but I also love the aesthetic of this bowl and want it as a styling element for my coffee corner.


For the freshest cup of coffee or espresso, a great grinder is a must. Whole beans retain their flavor better than pre-ground coffee.


I mentioned this in another post, but I am OBSESSED with this wooden coffee spoon. I recommend having a coffee spoon to help you correctly measure the amount of coffee that you are using, and even better when it’s as cute as this one.


Arrange your coffee bar with a selection of coffee mugs and espresso cups that are not only cute and fun to drink out of, but look stylish in your setup.


While these may not serve a ton of purpose for a coffee bar setup, cutting boards are a beautiful way to add accent decor to your kitchen. You can place them behind the coffee setup to frame the space.


I mentioned earlier in the post that I had found THE coffee maker that I wanted to sit on top of my counter. Well, this is it. As I said before, I have never been that into SMEG because it’s a very retro style and I love things to be a little bit more organic or modern, but I love the black feel of this coffee maker. It blends vintage with a modern edgy. It’s perfect and I can’t wait to try my first cup of coffee from it.


I found this black wooden pedestal board that I want to use to place items such as the coffee spoon, a mug or two, and the matcha bowl to bring the corner together where the items feel like they belong together versus sitting on the countertop individually.


You can use a cute container to store your coffee beans to style the area around your coffee or espresso machine.

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