10 Amazon Finds to Decorate Your Home With Modern Halloween Decor

Much like my Amazon fall home decor post, I prefer my modern Halloween decor to be tastefully spooky. I stick to my usual trend of neutral colors with an emphasis on the modern black look, but I’m also not into stark black pieces either. I love blending white pumpkins with a fun skeleton and black spooky bats, but I don’t go as far as black netting, etc. It’s a balance over here! My daughter also LOVES Halloween, so every year seem to be dipping our toes further into how fun we can make the decorations without distracting from the modern aesthetic in our home.

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We have had these spiders for a few years now after they started trending and we hopped on it. We love them! They come in a pack of four with an extra large one, a large one, a medium one, and a small one. They actually still creep Thea out when we first put them out with the other Halloween decor, but then she warms up to them. They can be used for indoor or outdoor use. We use them on our covered front porch and on our fireplace indoors.


These flameless pillar candles have a dripping feel which makes them perfectly spooky for Halloween. They feel very ‘Hocus Pocus’ to me with the black flame candle, although the flame isn’t specifically black. They come with remotes to easily switch on and off with different settings.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll especially love these, but even if you aren’t, these witch hats are specifically made for hanging and make for fun modern Halloween decor.


Thea LOVES ghosts so these are perfect and cute for her to place around the house. We don’t light them so that we can use them year after year, but I’m also not opposed to lighting them because they are so cheap we can rebuy them as long as supplies last. I’m more thinking of not burning them because Thea is still only four, so I prefer the flameless options and to just have these around as decor for looks.

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That sounds like a play on words. These bat mats come in a pack of three and can be used around the house for the bath, and kitchen, or placed at the backdoor for when guests step inside. Thea loves bats, as well as anything Halloween, so these are especially great if you have young kids and want to make things fun around the house for them.


These plush ghosts come in a pack of three with different sizes and are perfect if you have young kids where you are wanting to bring a bit of cute Halloween fun into the mix.


These pumpkin pillows come individually depending on your style of color and can be used throughout September with your fall decor all the way into your modern Halloween decor for pumpkin fun.

modern amazon halloween home decor


I have young kids, so who doesn’t love a flameless candle where you don’t have to worry about the actual flame? Not only that, these have a modern texture which makes them feel a bit more stylish than cheaper candles AND Thea loves lighting our flameless candles herself.


These skeletons started trending and honestly, I am all for it! I think they are so fun and cute without feeling tacky. They come in a pack of two and can be placed on a shelf indoors or used for hanging on display on the front porch.


These bats started trending a few years ago and haven’t stopped in my home. We put them on the exterior of our home by the front door and I added them across the fireplace around as well this year. They are so cute and cheap!


I’m all about creating an ambiance and mood, so this wouldn’t be a complete Halloween home decor post without the idea of putting Harry Potter on vinyl playing in the background of your newly decorated spooky interior.

amazon halloween wall bats

How do you decorate tastefully for Halloween?


Instead of traditional bright plastic pumpkins, opt for a more minimalist modern approach. Choose pumpkins in white, off-white, tan, or matte black.


Halloween comes in colors of black, purple, green, and orange, but you can choose any colors that fit your aesthetic. I personally choose black tones with off-whites and a muted orange instead of the traditional bright orange. I’m also not into metallic accents either. I really gravitate towards sophisticated muted looks for modern Halloween decor in our home.


This one is a bit hazy of a suggestion, but hear me out. We have these floor pumpkins that are made of a wicker material. I love them and can’t wait to pull them out every year. However, this year I noticed that my taste has evolved with them and it caused me to consider an alternative to how I typically set out my decor. They come with lights strung around them and I do love the look of the lights, but I noticed that when turned off, they feel more modern. This suggestion is to take a step back and consider your decor and how you want to display it vs how we are used to seeing things displayed at face value.

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