10 Amazon Finds to Style In Your Coffee Table Decor For Fall

Whether you’re looking for coffee table decor at the beginning of the fall season, or giving your living room a refresher after Halloween, there are several unique ways to make your coffee table look stylish yet effortlessly put together. One of the easiest methods to use is to think in the rule of three which is the concept of arranging items in odd numbers. It makes the scene overall more appealing, and less perfect. It creates the perfectly placed grouping of objects together. Once you have that idea in mind, you can start shopping for your items and begin envisioning your coffee table decor coming together effortlessly.

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I prefer my living room decor to be neutral and tones of black, off-white or cream, and earthen browns. The focus of my Amazon coffee table decor is on modern aesthetics with these colors in mind. I also prefer to be more minimal when it comes to the items that I am using, with attention to detail and harsh lines meaning less dried flowers or floral accents. The clean lines give the table an overall more modern aesthetic while focusing on functional and visually appealing elements.

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How do I style my coffee table for Fall?

If you have read any of my previous home decor posts, especially those that I have created for fall, you will know that I prefer to add accent pieces without changing the overall aesthetic too drastically. With that said, you bring in fall by adding a few aesthetic pumpkins or simply adding particular fall-scented candles for a cozy ambiance.

How Do I Make My Coffee Table Look Aesthetic?


Start with choosing a coffee table, if you don’t already have one, that has a modern design. This can be concrete, glass, sleek wood, or a modern matte black look. Your table is as styled as the one you are starting with. You want to make sure that your coffee table is the best fit for your space with plenty of room to allow for movement around it while giving your potential future guests plenty of room to spread out around it and enjoy sitting back for a while.


As I mentioned previously, I personally stick to neutral color tones when styling any area in my living room, and this especially includes my coffee table as it is the center of the space and brings the room together.


It’s totally okay to love certain pieces and if you have something that you love and want to incorporate, do it. However, overall, think through your living space and the items that you actually use to make it functional. For example, I also mentioned earlier that I am not a fan of dried flowers or faux florals. This is not only because I am more drawn to clean lines, but it’s also because floral pieces serve zero purpose outside of being decorative. If I want a decorative-only piece, I would add a tiny vase. I stick to items such as coffee table books that I can actually use, learn from, and enjoy as well as palo santo sticks and items for creating a relaxing ambiance.


I will talk about balancing elements in the tip below, but here I am talking about balancing in layers and height. You can create visual interest by layers of items and creating different heights for your objects in a way that is both interesting and imperfect. Stack books or use a small stack of coasters to create height variations.


While I am all for modern elements such as concrete and clean lines, those alone do not create a cozy environment. In fact, they create a cold environment. You can mix textures from solid elements to those of softer wood and balance by adding warmth to the space.


Use candles to create an appealing scent as well as set the mood with a peaceful ambiance.


Embrace negative space around and under objects, allowing them to stand out in the overall design.


Overall attempt to keep your coffee table uncluttered and include tidying it up in your daily upkeep. I know personally with kids things get tossed everyone or toys are thrown across the table, so don’t go crazy keeping it looking perfect every day, but attempt for your own sanity to tidy it up as often as fits into your daily life. Likewise, limit the number of decorative pieces that you are using to make it easier to tidy up and less room for pieces to go missing from little hands.

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