10 Amazon Laundry Room Ideas To Elevate Your Laundry Experience

Have you seen those jokes that say, “I either have to fold the laundry now or two weeks from now”? That’s me. I don’t mind doing the laundry, but I can be lazy about it, and I know others who hate it altogether. That’s why I’m always looking for new laundry room organization ideas to overall elevate my laundry experience. For this post, I am focusing on the items NEEDED to organize your laundry room. I will do another post that talks about how to organize your space, or in my case, closet ha. Our room did not have much in the way of storage. In fact, we had to shift a doorway to make room for a laundry closet. The previous owner had a washing machine and strung her clothes along a line outside as her dryer. We were able to shift things around and create just enough space to use a stackable set, which we are now in the process of replacing with brand-new modern machines, so this post is coming at the perfect time to inspire me.

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I fall somewhere between a farmhouse style and classic style laundry room, but really with it only being a closet, it’s just a washer and dryer. I use the linen closet to store all of our detergents, baskets, etc. Once we finish a few more projects that we have happening at the moment, I plan to find unique ideas to turn the small linen closet into a modern laundry and linen storage space. I want to feel inspired to do the laundry and having a space that I enjoy being in creates more of that.

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I have a small thin trash can like the one linked here that fits directly beside my washing machine to throw in lint and other items that I find in the laundry. I typically try to keep this bin as a lint-only bin so that I can compost it rather than toss it into the trash.


These wood balls go hand in hand with the luxury detergent that I linked below by the L’avant Collective. Wool balls are great for being an eco-friendly natural fabric softener, but they are mostly great for keeping your clothes separated in the dryer rather than clumping together when they are wet. It helps them overall dry more quickly while being a chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets and softeners.


This detergent by L’avant Collective is a luxury deep-cleaning laundry detergent that comes in a Linen Scent with notes of geranium and ylang ylang. I typically use pods for our household loads, but I would keep this on hand for specific, high-end clothes that we have that we don’t have to take specifically to the dry cleaners.


How cute is this wooden scoop? This would be a great addition to the glass containers if you choose to use those to decant powdered detergent or cleaners.


I’m a little bit obsessed with this modern black laundry basket that has a folding feature. I currently have a plastic basket that does not fold, and it’s constantly in the way as well as not aesthetic in the slightest. Plus, I’m switching our home away from plastic not only because it’s healthier not to have it, but it’s also just prettier choosing alternative options.


I love the black pod holder that I linked below, but I found this modern alternative as well and wanted to link it!


Joel and I have this one, but we have it in a natural linen color. I stumbled upon this one creating inspiration for our laundry room and love the black aesthetic! Definitely grabbing it as an alternative and can even keep it in our room for Joel since his clothes never make it to the hamper, ha.


I’ve seen a lot of glass containers with dispenser tops, but I honestly don’t love the look. I found these and love how modern they look. I tether between pods and liquid, so I wanted to find an option for our liquid detergent that I loved.


Honestly, a must-have for a better laundry experience, especially if you wear linen like do. Even if you don’t wear a ton of linen, having a great steamer on hand is better than the hassle of ironing in my opinion. I prefer this method and the results comparatively to ironing.


These jars could be used for pods, fabric softener pebbles, or any other dry laundry items that you use and want to decant into a nicer container to elevate your laundry space.


I love the way this pod holder looks with the black top! Definitely adding it to my cart as a way to store our pods in a modern way.


If you don’t already know, there was a time when I didn’t, it’s best to leave your laundry door open to air it out after each use. However, some people argue that by leaving the door open you are then allowing dirt and debris into the washer. I would rather leave it propped all the way open than have a musky washer with mold, but this tool allows you to prop it open to allow airflow without leaving it all the way open. I personally use it to keep the washer open without the door constantly being in the way. With our washer being at the end of the hall, it’s a bit in the way when people are walking to the hall bathroom.


If you keep dryer sheets on hand, this is a great way to store them, and is a vertical holder that uses more space up top and less on the bottom, freeing up more shelf space overall!


I love finding lint brush alternatives that produce less waste. This brush is a great


Joel and I have this and it’s one of those items that you never need, but then need it when you need it. One of our couches has pilled terribly and we are constantly giving it a fresh shave with our handheld device. I also have a few sweaters that pill, so keeping them with our laundry storage comes in handy.

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How Do I Style My Laundry Room?


Opt for a color palette that complements the rest of your home’s decor. Light and bright colors can make the space feel clean and inviting. I love to add black accents to our laundry space to pair with the rest of our modern home.


Keep in mind practical storage solutions like cabinets, shelves, and baskets to keep laundry supplies organized when planning to style your laundry room. This will help keep it tidy, making it look more styled overall.


If I had the space, I would one thousand percent be adding a laundry sink that can be handy for hand-washing delicate items or tackling tough stains. Just be sure to choose a sink that complements your decor.


Good lighting goes a long way in creating a luxurious feel and is essential for a laundry room. Install bright overhead lighting, task lighting over work areas, and even decorative fixtures to enhance the room’s ambiance.


Invest in practical accessories like a retractable drying rack, or a fold-down clothesline to maximize functionality.


Use stylish laundry baskets and hampers to keep dirty laundry organized and out of sight. You can choose options that match your decor.


If you have the flexibility to choose your washer and dryer, consider models that match your design aesthetic, such as sleek, modern appliances.


Use labels on bins and containers to keep everything organized and easily accessible.


Pay attention to small details like cabinet hardware, faucet design, and drawer pulls. These can make a significant difference in the room’s overall look.

How Do You Modernize a Laundry Room?


Start by assessing your current laundry room layout and functionality. Identify what works and what doesn’t, then create a budget for your project and make a list of must-have features and improvements.


Invest in energy-efficient and modern appliances such as front-loading washing machines, dryers, and a laundry sink if you don’t have one already. Look for models with smart technology for remote control and monitoring.


Install ample storage space with cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Consider open shelving for a modern, minimalist look. Use storage containers or baskets to keep laundry supplies organized and easily accessible.


Install bright and energy-efficient LED lighting to ensure you can see clearly while working in the laundry room. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting for a sleek and modern touch.


Opt for a fresh and modern color scheme. Light, neutral colors can make the space appear larger and more inviting. Add some decorative elements such as artwork, a stylish rug, or decorative tiles to make the room feel less utilitarian.


Ensure proper ventilation to eliminate excess humidity and prevent mold growth. A vented exhaust fan is a good addition.


For a cleaner and more organized look, consider adding built-in hampers or hidden storage for laundry baskets.


Regularly maintain your appliances and clean the laundry room to keep it looking and functioning at its best.

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