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I LOVE transitioning my home into a cozy fall home decor aesthetic, but it’s usually a busy time of year for us. I put a lot of focus on a work/life balance, so when I feel extra tasks on my list, I look for ways to make the tasks easier. As much as I look forward to decorating for fall, the thought of pulling out the items from the attic every year, putting up the fall decor, and then getting the boxes stored away until Christmas feels a bit overwhelming. Then we do it all again at the end of fall to collect our Christmas decor. It sounds simple enough, but when you add two kids, two dogs, daily household tasks, and two businesses, it’s a lot more than simply getting items out to decorate.

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I also want my home to feel cozy for fall, while not wanting to change the aesthetics of my home. Over the years I have found a balance by introducing warmer tones with natural wood elements, cozy textures such as a blanket thrown across the couch or a chair, and of course my favorite fall-scented candles. Even with my candles of choice, I choose those that are a deep burnt orange rather than bright orange, along with black, and white and candles with a brown-toned aesthetic. If they are all-natural that is an extra bonus to make my home feel warm and cozy, and of course smell good for fall. In fact, if you look at my fall home decor ideas, you’ll notice that they are very similar to my everyday home decor ideas. I love to create even more aesthetics with the ones that we already have, without changing things up too drastically.

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Okay, I know I said that I’m not a fan of pumpkins ON pillows, but I never said I don’t love a neutral, modern pumpkin-shaped pillow. Especially having kids, I find little modern ways such as this modern plush pumpkin pillow to add cute fall elements to our fall home decor.


Cedar brings the essence of fall, without being overly fall. If you have an essential oil diffuser, add this to your fall oils to bring a cozy scent into your home. If you enjoy burning incense, they make Pumpkin Spice scented incense as well.


This is a great way to bring fall into your home without throwing pumpkins everywhere. You can style your coffee table with not only books that come in fall color palettes, but ones that also give a sense of home such as this Call It Home book.


While on the expensive side, this is one of my personal favorites when it comes to burning fall-scented candles.


If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve probably seen this candle several times, but that is because I love the oversized multi-wick look and I think it would be a great addition to a darker modern fall decor palette.


You can use wood elements to bring in a natural organic woodsy fall feeling such as this bowl that can be used to style your front entryway table, coffee table, or kitchen center island.


I love the look of this throw blanket! This would be an aesthetic detail to add to your living room draped over a chair, the couch, or a basket nearby.


Another great alternative to overly sweet fall candles. The Woods scent by Byredo brings a touch of woody vibes to create a cozy modern fall aesthetic.


I’m not usually into fall wreaths, including pampas grass, but this fit the vibe that I was going for. I approve.


Consider using everyday black decor as your modern fall decor as a multi-purpose and multi-functional fall element. The possibilities are endless when it comes to resuing regular everyday decor by putting a fall spin on it.


An alternative color to the previously mentioned white pumpkin.

What month do you start decorating for fall?

Is it just me, or does it feel as though decorations and fall-related items get put on display in stores earlier and earlier every year? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but I do think there is a reasonable time to shift your home over to fall decor without it being too early. It’s obviously a matter of preference and you can do anything you want with your own home and space. Personally, I’ve separated the months of September in October into two different themes. The first month September, is dedicated to fall decor where I introduce it early to give us plenty of time to enjoy it. Then in October, I bring out all of the fun Halloween decor. Even with our Halloween decor, I stick to a theme and have fun with it while being modern and aesthetic. I’ll get more into my Halloween decor ideas in another post. I do think there is a difference between certain baskets and wood elements, where you can change them up from season to season.

Whenever you hear the term fall decor, you most likely imagine pumpkins, gourds, autumn leaves, and that signature pillow that has some sort of cursive with a fall-themed phrase. I’m rolling my eyes a little bit just thinking about it, although NO offense to anyone who loves that. It’s just for me, I believe fall doesn’t have to change your home’s entire aesthetic. It can, if that’s the style that you’re into. However, in my home, I make an effort to blend all of our home decor throughout the year while enjoying some newness from each season in our home. For example, summer presents a brighter, lighter-colored wood or basket, whereas fall presents a darker and warmer wood or basket. You can switch things up in your home in this approach to continue creating the same aesthetic while giving people a refreshing or cozy feel from season to season.

How to decorate a living room for fall without changing your home’s aesthetic?


Layering is an easy way to make your living room cozy for fall without adding pumpkins on pillows. You can throw a blanket loosely across a chair or the sofa, fluff pillows daily for an extra appealing cozy vibe, and


This is the most obvious way to bring in the ultimate feeling of fall. Not only do fall candles bring the color tones needed to give the fall vibes, they create the fall scent, as well as that fall appeal with the small fire burning that creates a welcoming look for guests.


If you live anywhere that isn’t freezing year-round, chances are you are not quite burning fires in your fireplace when the fall season comes. You can add a stack of wood to your fireplace to add a natural earth-toned element that will make it cozy and feel as if it’s ready for those fire-burning days at any time.


Choose black, beige or creams, brown tones, and tans to create a warm color palette in your living space. You can do this through firewood as mentioned above, throws, pillows, candles, and any wooden accent elements that you’re using to style open shelves.

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