10 Neutral Amazon Finds For Your Beach Essentials This Summer

I did another beach essentials post featuring 10 Amazon Beach Day Essentials Under $100, but this time I wanted to focus on items to take with you at the beach with a neutral vibe. The items from my other posts are also neutral, but a few of these are over $100. Over the years I have found myself looking for the perfect neutral beach chair, towel, beach bag, etc, and I have finally found the perfect item for each category! I took most of these to the beach with me this year and truly loved all of them. Even with the kid’s beach items, I was able to have a more curated beach experience which I appreciate the beauty of.

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Amazon Neutral Beach Essentials

Best products for beach

How do I prepare for a beach vacation?


When it’s my first time visiting a particular beach, I always do as much research about the area ahead of time to give me insight into the best spots. This helps to avoid hassles of traffic, busy spots, or driving way out of our way thinking a spot was closer than it actually might be. For my research, I start by looking for “aesthetic places” because believe it or not Yelp, Pinterest, and Google will all bring up decent results with this specific search, assuming the spot we are going to actually has cute coffee shops, etc. From there I look up the hours and operating days of each spot, as well as how far it might be from where we are staying. Then I map out which days will be best to visit each spot. You can also look at the reviews if you notice a lot of people are pointing out anything in particular good or bad!


Obviously, check the weather. It might not change the fact that you are visiting there, but it can help you prepare outfits and things to do. If you’re going to the beach and it’s looking like rain most of the time, you can pack additional games and activities to do inside.


I’ve been working on this more and more every year that we go to the beach. It can feel like you need to pack your entire kitchen or entire closet, especially if you are staying somewhere like we do in a timeshare where you really do have to bring your own knives because they don’t have decent cooking knives. I’ve been practicing the art of – what do I REALLY need? We have a baby, so I packed a few more items than I usually would including his bouncer seat and play gym. We did use both, so both came in handy. We could have gone without the play gym, but it WAS nice to give him time to play and roll around while we relaxed our arms. I’ve listed a few times on beach vacation essentials below.

What are the essentials for a beach day?

Every family is different, but overall the best products for the beach are your standard items such as sunscreen, beach towels, an oversized picnic blanket, a sun hat, sunglasses, obviously a swimsuit, and a soundproof tote to carry all of your items in. Other, less obvious beach day items would be after-sun lotion to cool your skin down as well as leave-in hair conditioner to help bring some of the softness back after swimming in harsh salt water.


We bought a large tent for the family, but the way the sun shines down I wish we had a little tent to give the kids something to cool off and splash in under the larger tent. If we had something smaller to put under our large tent, the kids would be able to stay on the beach longer without being in the sun all day. Thea wanted to make a sand castle, but you need water and this kid’s pool provides water for the sand castle and an option to cool off while playing in the sand.


How cute are these silicone beach toys? Not only are they made from silicone which is a safer material than plastic, but they are also a small business brand on Amazon made and sold locally by themselves. You can shop more of their itemshere. One of the reasons I was shopping for ice cream beach toys specifically, is because Thea’s cousin came to a previous beach trip with an ice cream sand-making kit and Thea was obsessed. This toy set comes with BPA-free silicone and acts as a multi-purpose toy that you can use on and off the beach to help develop fine motor skills. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, they are beautifully made and come in neutral colors which I love, while also being colorful enough for a little kid to enjoy. Lastly, they come with a beach tote to carry them, yes, please!


These chairs are definitely a splurge, but beach chairs can be so flashy in color I appreciate the neutral aesthetic and would spend the money on that alone. If you think of something that you only need during the summer, but you need it EVERY summer, its worth the investment to have on hand, at least for me it is. These beach chairs are my solution to stop searching for aesthetic beach chairs every year and just keep ones I love on hand to grab and go on our yearly trips.


I have been obsessed with this insulated water bottle all summer. I ordered mine in black which I love and I don’t know what took me so long to order an insulated bottle. It keeps your ice water chilled for hours. I am late to the game on this one, but I LOVE this bottle.


Crying over how beautiful and soft these towels are. They are oversized, aesthetically neutral, and made from 100% organic Turkish cotton with vegetable dyes and free from harsh chemicals. This is another small business brand on Amazon!


I love all things aesthetic and this small portable fan for personal use is super cute. When you’re on the beach, the wind is blowing so much that you can’t feel a ton of wind from the fan BUT I used it while laying down which made a difference and it definitely came in handy while breast feeding the baby because I use a cover. I used it to cool the baby off under the cover and it was refreshing for both him and I.


Once you become aware of these beach koozies, you will see them everywhere. Literally, everyone has one in the Brumate brand. I love the neutral aesthetic of this one! This is the skinny can size, so if you use regular-sized cans, be sure to buy the one that fits the cans that you use.


This is one of my favorite Amazon swimsuits. It’s honestly hard for me to find swimsuits I love and I have used this one for years. It’s comfortable and doesn’t feel too skimpy.


Last year we saw these sand proof and waterproof totes everywhere! The original tote is theBogg Bag, but there are now several options available on Amazon in additional colors. When I first started seeing them, they were all teal blue and flashy beach colors, which is not my vibe. The Bogg Bag, however, does now come in tan and black for a more neutral look. I didn’t know if the rubber straps would be hard to use toting things on and off the beach while carrying a baby and wrangling a toddler, but it was easy to carry and fit everything including our oversized beach blanket which I’ve linked below. It felt like a Mary Poppin’s beach tote.


I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for an aesthetic neutral beach blanket with just the right texture and feel. I am SO excited that I found this blanket fromSunday Supply Co. Their oversized beach blankers are designed for outdoor use and made from 100% fast-drying cotton. It’s great for picnics too, which made it even more worth the price for several uses. I think it would be fun to use this blanket indoors too for a rainy day fort and movie night.

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