10 Neutral Platform Sandals I’m Buying On Amazon This Summer

I truly love the selection of platform sandals on Amazon and in my opinion, platforms are the shoe of the summer for 2023. I have found the coziest, most stylish, and perfectly platformed sandals to match all of my everyday outfit needs this summer. As I’ve made it very clear, I am a neutral fashion girl, but some of these sandals come in alternative colors if you are looking for a pop. I’m adding these sandals to my summer collection one by one.

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Are platform shoes back in style?

Platforms are easy to wear as well as versatile, making them a great option because they come in so many different styles ranging from sneakers to sandals to heels and mules. They can quickly add flare to your outfit as a bold statement piece. They were popular in the 90s and often seen on the Spice Girls which is reason enough for me.

Platform Slide Sandal

I have had several pairs of these platform slide sandals and wear them every day. They feel like actual clouds and are great on our hardwood floors when I am doing every task such as dishes, laundry, or cooking.

Teva Midform Universal

I was sold on these the moment I saw Hilary Duff wearing them with a tucked-in graphic tee and high-waisted jeans. I feel cooler just for wearing them.

Adjustable Strap Comfortable Walking Sandals

I have gotten several requests for the link to these. They are adjustable strappy sandals with a comfortably cushioned sole. I wear them when I am running errands or hitting up the park for a playdate.

Platform Wedge Sandals

How cute are these wedged platform sandals? The strappy platformed look reminds me of the early 2000s.

Comfort Cushion Sandal

Another great cushioned sandal in the same material as the first sandal I featured. The difference is that these are strappy and to me, look a little more stylish for actually going places. The first sandal is a slipper to me.

Vince Bowie Lug Sandals

Dream sandals. I have these on my list to buy because I love how beautiful they are. I would wear these as a dressier, yet casual sandals for going out.

Vince Margo Slide Platform

These are the perfect platform sandals heels. They go better with dresses and overall dressier looks.

Platform sandals heels

Jeffrey Campbell CLOGGE

I am a sucker for anything, Jeffrey Campbell. These clogged platform sandals can be paired with outfits going from Spring to Summer and Summer to fall. They are great for a casual outfit or a fun dress.

Vince Evie Low Wedge Platform Sandals

These sandals are on the pricier side, but I wanted to include them because I love luxury-feeling sandals. These sandals stood out to me because of their color and finish. The slight cushion also gives them an edge of comfort. I would wear these with dressier looks.

UGG Aww Yeah Sandal

I’m obsessed with these chunky platform sandals by UGG. I’m a Spice Girl at heart, so IYKYK.

How do you wear platform sandals?

I wear them as statement pieces to my otherwise effortless outfits. In my opinion, platform sandals have a bit of en edge and exude style without trying. They give off confidence to wearing them and a feeling of power with their thick sole which is a contrast to the everyday shoes that we mostly see in mainstream everyday outfits.

Do platform sandals make you look thinner?

They do! Platform sandals are known for emphasizing smaller ankles because of their thick soles which make your legs appear longer and thinner.

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