10 Amazon Must Haves For Stylish Mom Outfits This Summer

If you’re a mom, then you know when it comes to doing things for ourselves we have to be extremely intentional or it won’t happen at all. Some days I find myself choosing between eating or showering, depending on the day. I’ve made it a point to slow down as much as I can to enjoy more time with my kids with less busyness to fill our day, and I’ve also found little ways to also take care of myself. I’ve noticed the days that I DO take time to get dressed and do my hair, makeup, or whatever I’m in the mood for that day, I feel happier and more alive than days when I don’t. On the days when I don’t get dressed, I feel behind the entire day. I’ve put together a list of a few of the items I use on a daily basis to create stylish mom outfits for more confidence without taking a ton of my time to do so. I don’t have an hour to spend on my hair and makeup and I don’t want to spend that much time on them either. These Amazon must haves give me quick confidence and some of them I can use throughout the day to feel a little luxury for myself as a mama on the go.

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How can a busy mom practice self-care?

It’s so much easier to stay in our pajamas all day and not even think about getting dressed after taking care of everyone else’s needs, but it’s the worst thing we can do for our daily well-being. It’s fun to stay in our pajamas occasionally or on weekends, but as a stay-at-home mom myself, I need that feeling of getting up and being productive each day. The first task I consider as productive is getting myself ready and dressed. That does not mean a full face of makeup and it doesn’t have to mean anything except what that feels like for you. For me, getting dressed and feeling productive means brushing my teeth, showering, styling my hair in an effortless way, and putting on something I feel confident in. I throw on simple gold jewelry most days and do natural makeup such as concealer and mascara.

How do you dress like a trendy mom?

Dressing like a trendy mom is less about trends and more about effortless styling yourself which actually feels trendy. People think of trendy when they see particular styles, but you can dress in a stylish way without having to constantly keep up with trends. Read this post for tips on how to effortlessly style yourself as a mama.

How can I look better as a stay-at-home mom?

As I mentioned above, part of my self-care is feeling the productivity of getting ready during the weekday. If you take thirty minutes out of your day each morning to get dressed, it will instantly give you a more stylish and put-together feeling as a mom. That doesn’t mean you won’t spit up on or spill something on yourself while trying to eat and hold a baby, but you put in the effort and that feels more like an achievement and makes you feel and look better than not making the effort at all. Some days you can do more effort such as more makeup and other days you can keep it simple such as minimal natural makeup.


How cute is this straw-woven tote for a summer outfit vibe? This would be the perfect tote to grab summer playdate essentials and hit the parks or run errands while feeling put together and stylish on the go.


I’ve been using this all summer after purchasing it for a trip to Europe. The scent is Bergamont which smells delicious, and it’s sleek to fit into any pocket. It’s not only aesthetic, which I love, but smells great and nourishes your hands while killing 99% of germs as an organic sanitizing mist using botanical oils.


I had been wanting to try DIME cosmetics for years and finally picked up their smudge-proof mascara which I LOVE! I have been using this summer as an everyday makeup look, especially on days with essentially no makeup, and it truly is smudge-proof. It has been hot AF so I appreciate that my mascara is not giving me raccoon eyes and I don’t wake up with them the next morning either. It comes off easily with makeup remover, so you don’t have to worry about it being on forever and eventually flaking off, while also not worrying about it melting off your face. Win-win.


I literally use this every day. I use it at night sometimes after my nighttime skincare routine just to feel extra refreshed, but I definitely use it every day with or without makeup for a manicure brow look. I highly recommend it!


I have several gold necklaces that I layer together and it is such a quick and easy addition to any outfit to instantly feel elevated and put together without making an effort. I have had my eye on this gold Amazon piece for the longest time! I think it is so sleek and stylish.


I just applied these today and I feel so much better with a little extra color on my face without going to a tanning bed in winter or spending hours in the sun during the summer. I feel even more confident on no makeup days when I use these drops because they give me all the color that I need. The summers get so hot here that my makeup typically feels as if it is melting off my face, so these tanning drops give me a glowy boost without an extra layer of something on my face.


I have been living in linen pants and sets from Amazon all summer and I have been getting so many compliments! The fabric is breathable and feels great for summer. The pieces I have found have felt like quality linen and not cheap at all which I obviously appreciate. Highly recommend.


I use body oil after my showers instead of lotion, and I’ve been using it more and more on my skin throughout the day so this body oil is a luxury addition to my daily body skincare. It’s full of plant oils, and vitamins, and rich in omegas and minerals to nourish and restore the skin for a full body glow. Necessaire is a small business brand that sells its own line on Amazon which I appreciate!


How stylish are these sandals? I don’t have much more of a reason for loving them because the style alone speaks for itself.


I love this brand as a small business on Amazon and their products are high-quality WITH aesthetic packaging which you know I love. This facial stick is super compact and won’t weigh down your already-full bag with baby and kid items. I use it on the go and love carrying it with me as a constant reminder to reapply sunscreen every few hours while on the go with kids.


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