7 Ways to Make a Casual Date Night Outfit Romantic and Feminine

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I love a comfortable casual date night outfit while still feeling put together. I've been making it a point to be intentional with my daily looks, and even more intentional when Joel and I have date nights. We don't get out as often now that we are parents, but we've made our home a special place to spend time together. Dressing up sets the tone for the evening whether we are staying in or going out.

I want to inspire you for your own casual date night outfit with my 7 ways to make any outfit feel more feminine.

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1. Wear Delicate Jewelry

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Delicate jewelry will make even a casual date night outfit feel feminine and dainty. Some of my favorite places to buy jewelry include Mejuri and Sun and Selene.

Earrings - When I'm going for a feminine look, I will either focus my attention on my necklaces and rings, or I will wear small studs. Delicate earrings are ones that add a small touch to the outfit without stealing the show. Almost as if someone couldn't pinpoint every detail of the outfit, but all of the littlest details add to the overall feminine feel. 

Rings - You can layer thin small rings on one finger or space them out over several fingers. I usually wear a bolder ring that still feels dainty and feminine on my middle finger and wear thin rings on the other fingers. 

Necklaces - You can layer delicate necklaces that complement each other if you have an open necklace with negative space above your blouse.

2. Choose Feminine Patterns & Colors

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Colors - Pinks, pastels, and neutral colors provide a romantic and feminine feel to a casual date night outfit.

Patterns - Feminine patterns provide an aesthetic that will play up casual jeans or pants to transform your look to feel romantic.

3. Wear Earrings That Make a Statement

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Choosing Statement Earrings -

Consider Your Neckline - If you're opting for a high-neckline, chances are you don't have the space to showcase your delicate feminine gold jewelry. In this case, you can wear a statement earring with a pop of color as seen in the photo above.

Color - I choose earrings that I love and light me up. From there I mix and match depending on the colors and style of the look. You can choose earrings that have a color that matches the blouse you are wearing, or you can be bold with a color-block and add a new color to the look.

Try Several Looks - Before deciding on which pair to wear with an outfit, I usually hold up several pairs of earrings that I own and decide which one I love with that particular look. Occasionally I nix the statement earrings and wear no earrings or a dainty pair. It all depends on how I am feeling that day about that look.

4. Choose Shoes With Feminine Details

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Details - I don't love wearing heels which naturally adds a feminine aspect to the outfit, but I do love a low heel. A chunky low heel can provide support making it comfortable while giving you that feminine height in your shoe.

Material - The material of a shoe adds detail to your outfit. Whether it's faux leather that looks high-quality, velvet, or cotton, the material on your shoe will add a touch to the overall look.

Color - I choose neutral colors in my shoes for everyday or casual looks. These can be soft pinks, tans, whites, or a light mauve.

Comfort - The perfect pair of shoes for me are shoes that are comfortable with some kind of supportive sole and stylish all in one. It's not always easy to find, but I will not keep a shoe that I'm not comfortable walking around in for more than a few minutes.

5. Choose Feminine Necklines & Sleeves

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Neckline - As with any piece of clothing, the right neckline will vary based on your body type. A v-neckline is a bit more casual while giving a feminine cut to the blouse.  A high-neckline adds sophistication with a posh and polished look.

Sleeves - Puff sleeves are a fashion statement. They are bold, feminine, and attract attention while still having a subtle vibe. Sleeves that flare at the wrist are another stylish way to add feminine details to your look.

Wrap Blouse - A blouse with a wrap to tie the piece together will add a bow and accentuate your waist.

The Tuck - If you are wearing pants with a high-waist, tucking your blouse in is a great way to accentuate your waist. It will depend on the blouse, as you don't want to stuff a bunch of fabric into your waistline making it look stuffed. If you have a thin fabric, I recommend leaving it untucked. You can also look for inspiration on Pinterest by searching for the idea. For example, I searched "the best way to tuck a blouse" for this search result

6. Wear a Signature Perfume & Natural Makeup

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Perfume - A great perfume can make you feel very feminine. I have a signature perfume that I wear on special occasions, date nights, or when I am feeling my most inspired self. It makes me feel pretty, smells pretty, and elevates my confidence while wearing the outfit.

Natural Makeup - I don't love the way makeup feels when it's caked on my face. I love a natural look that still provides all-over coverage. I use Lilah B and Tarte to give me a natural-looking face, adding a touch of Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury to my lips or Pink Tease by Tom Ford.

7. Wear Feminine Accessories

sezane belt with jeans

I like an outfit to be functional and simple in addition to stylish. I pair accessories that have a purpose without weighing down me or my look.

Belt - If you're having a casual evening out, chances are you are throwing on a pair of jeans or pants. This is the perfect time to pull out your belt with a statement front piece. I love this one from Sézane. You can get a belt as a fun statement piece from anywhere especially vintage shops. A belt is functional for me because while my jeans are the correct fit, the belt helps to keep them from even the slightest sag. I don't like overly tight jeans, so mine naturally fit a little loose.

Purse - A purse is always stylish and functional. You can carry your phone, wallet, all of the obvious items that a purse is used for while adding a stylish detail to your look.

Hat - I don't love just any hat. I love the Gigi Pip hats and to me, it's worth investing in at least one hat that you love if hats are your thing. I have a black hat that I rarely wear from Free People, but I keep it on hand. My Gigi Pip hat is a neutral color that can be worn with any outfit.

Now that you've made your casual date night outfit more feminine and romantic, read The Ultimate Date Night at Home for staying in!


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