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small bathroom ideas

Joel and I lived in our home for six years before we finally solved the issue of our small bathroom storage. When we started renovating our bathroom, it felt very small. I opted for a simple renovation that would make the bathroom feel more spacious. While we achieved an open concept in the space, we got rid of any possible room for storage. We don't keep a ton of items in our bathroom, but we do need a place to hide items such as our toothbrushes and everyday toiletries. It’s both unattractive and unsanitary to leave it sitting on the side of the sink. We have a few other items that would feel more organized in our everyday routines if we kept them in the bathroom as well. 

After losing all of the previous storage from our renovation, I started hunting for small bathroom storage ideas that were both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

I found a ton of options ranging in different styles and prices. Being that our bathroom is mostly white tile, I wanted to stay within the clean white look for our storage. I also wanted to stick to the idea that less is more. I didn’t want a large storage cabinet taking up space next to the pedestal sink that we put in specifically to create an open concept in the bathroom. 

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small bathroom storage
small bathroom ideas
small bathroom modern

We decided that a wall cabinet would be the best fit. However, it had to be under a certain width because of the wall that it had to be placed on. It would be sitting directly to the left of the sink and I didn’t want it in people’s faces while looking in the mirror or washing their hands. I wanted a cabinet that was white, had doors to hide toiletries, and had lots of shelves. We found an IKEA cabinet was the perfect fit! Both literally and aesthetically. It fits perfectly in the space and flows with the modern white look of the rest of the bathroom while adding a pop of contrast to the dark blue walls. We opted for this model from IKEA in the high-gloss white to match our glossy white square tile. If you're looking for a shorter cabinet to fit your space, they have different sizes and finish options. It has so many adjustable shelves which give Joel and I each a space to store our items with additional space to store common items such as cotton swabs and Q-tips. The cabinet is very tall, which makes our small bathroom feel even more spacious. I am planning to add a plant to the top once I find a container small enough to fit on top without intruding on the cabinet door being opened and closed. 

small bathroom storage ideas

I am still adding items to the shelves and currently reorganizing the cabinet which is why it looks so bare (and clean). I bought a new set of toothbrushes for us that just arrived today, otherwise, they would be on display with all of our other items. Our cabinet stays organized, but we have a lot more that goes into it!

small bathroom storage ideas
small bathroom storage

In the shower, we opted to have a built-in shelf when we put the tile in. I LOVE it. It is so functional and easy to clean. We then later added the shower caddies from IKEA as seen in the photo above. We mostly store bath toys for Thea in the bottom on, but I wanted to style the bathroom since I bought a bunch of new shampoos and wanted to make it all look cohesive just once for the photos.

small bathroom storage

I bought these dispensers for the shower to give our items a cleaner, more cohesive look while on display. We have a clear shower curtain, so everything we own is always out in the open. These bottles give it a more styled look while being functional for everyday life. I don't have to put our shampoo bottles away when guests come over.

small bathroom ideas

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bathroom ideas
small bathroom storage ideas

Be sure to check out my Bathroom Before and After post and leave a comment below with your bathroom storage needs!


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  1. Amazing tips! I think most of the people did not know about it. Thanks for sharing such nice tips! I really love this blog and content is really useful. Thanks for telling us about the importance of solvency. Keep sharing this post more and more.

    There are really affordable ways you can make your bathroom look like something out of a home decor magazine. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I loved the image you shared of the small white wall cabinet! My husband and are demoing our bathroom to redo it. We would love to get some new cabinets for better storage.

    Posted 10.14.21 Reply

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