10 Beauty Products I’m Using This Summer For That No Makeup Makeup Look

It has been so hot and it's only May! We have had temperatures in the 90's, but mixed with the humidity here on the East Coast, I am already using a fan on a daily basis. When it's hot I do not like wearing makeup, especially foundation. I love that no makeup makeup look when you have a freshly washed face, a little mascara, and a few highlights with contouring. As a mom, I'm always on the go or chasing a toddler, so having an easy summer makeup routine is even more important.

This summer, I'm really into that no makeup makeup look.

It's quick, and it feels so much better on my skin than wearing a ton of products. In the past, I've always gone without makeup, but I do love having a little here and there to bump whatever outfit I'm wearing, no matter how casual.

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No Makeup Makeup Look

Kiko Concealer $12

I bought this concealer to touch up small dark spots around my nose and to brighten the areas under my eyes. I use it for contouring as well. I have really enjoyed using it. I was previously using Shape Tape by Tarte and it feels thick putting it on. I use a beauty blender to blend it down on my face and it really has worked great for my no makeup makeup look.

Flawless Finish Pressed Setting Powder $48

This stuff is magic. I am almost out and need to buy a new one. This powder really does what the name says - it gives a flawless finish. I use this after I have used my concealer to give my face an overall finished look before adding contouring and blush.

Kiko Contour Stick $15

I have been using this instead of bronzer and have taken up trying to get better at contouring. I use it to contour the top of my forehead, my nose, and under my cheekbones to enhance my cheeks. I really like this contour stick and it's easy to use. I blend it with a beauty blender.

Tarte Rosy Pink Blush $29

This is my go-to blush for a naturally pink hue on your cheeks. I apply it with a blush brush along the line of my cheekbones and I don't blend it in. I have tried other blushes and I really like this pink hue.

Tarte Highlighter $29

This Tarte Highlighter is great for contouring and adding a little brightness to your overall no makeup makeup look. I add a touch under my brow line, at the tip of my nose, and on top of my cheekbone along my blush line.

Shape & Stay Eyebrow Wax Pencil by Elf $3

This wax pencil is amazing! I am almost out and need to buy several more to keep in stock. It's great for shaping and brushing your eyebrows, then applying this wax using the pencil to draw along your eyebrows and keep them in place.

Brow Flick by Glossier $18

I don't prefer a heavy eyebrow, but I do have places that I need a little extra filling in from years of waxing. While I am working on regrowing my brows, this flick helps to fill them in without overdoing it.

Creamy Eyeshadow by NYX $5

No matter how hard I try, I am a basic makeup girl. I have never been one to do fancy eyeshadows in different shades to blend together. Honestly, I don't even know what I am talking about, that is how bad I am at eye shadow. I have used cream/nude eyeshadow for as long as I can remember. It gives me a natural no makeup makeup look by brightening my eyes without applying fancy eyeshadow colors.

Lash Stick by Glossier $16

I have another mascara that I use when I want really plumped eyelashes. I prefer this lash stick in the summer because it's light, gives me a little extra extension in my lashes, but it doesn't melt or give me raccoon eyes. Tip: press your eyelashes down onto the last stick while using it, as if curling them on top of it. It gives me a curl if I leave it for a few seconds curled on top of the stick.

Wet Lip Oil Plumping Treatment Gloss $27

I typically use chapstick, but I upgraded myself to real lip gloss. I prefer a clear gloss and this Kosas gloss gives a slight fake plumping look while giving me an extra shine to my no makeup makeup.

For the Body

Supergoop Glow Screen 40 $36

Technically this product is for your face, but it's an added product that I don't fully consider makeup. To me, it's more of an everyday essential. On sunny days I use this sunscreen after I finish my skincare routine before applying my makeup. It acts as a base for my makeup and protects my face while in the sun. I really do love this and highly recommend it or a facial sunscreen before your makeup. I know that a lot of skin tints and foundations have SPF, but I prefer a product that is for SPF to one that has some in it.

No 32 Gradual Self Tanning Lotion by Lux Unfiltered  $36

This stuff is the best! No, really. I'm obsessed. I am self-tanning this year because I am naturally pale. I don't have time to sit in the sun, nor do I want to. Sivan Ayla created this brand as a way to have a vegan, non-toxic self-tanning option while she was pregnant. Thank you, Sivan! This lotion not only seems good, unlike most self-tanning but it also hydrating to my skin and looks tan/brown, NOT orange. I am almost out and need to buy another bottle.

Rosy Quartz Nail Polish $8

I have a favorite nail place that I treat myself to, but in between salon visits, I want pretty, natural-looking nails. Painting my nails proves to be more upkeep from consistent chipping and having to reapply when it does. I use this rosy sheer nail polish for everyday nails when I'm not treating myself to a salon visit. It's perfect for clean, polished nails. It takes me less than 2 minutes to apply and I only do one coat. When it does start to chip you can't see the chipping because it's sheer, so if I'm particularly busy I don't have to get to my nails right away.

Natural Lavender Vanilla Deodorant $22 for 2

I struggle with natural deodorant, especially in the summer when it's too hot not to sweat. I am loving this deodorant! I have been using it for almost a month now. I have to continue using it, but so far I am really digging this brand and it smells amazing. Other natural deodorants have just not worked for me.

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