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I did an entire Pantry Organization how-to post and I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Amazon finds from the pantry makeover. If you follow my Amazon monthly finds, you know that I am all about my Amazon must-haves. Some of the items in my pantry are from IKEA such as the large glass jars, a few of the medium-sized jars, and the white recycling bins underneath the shelves. Everything else was found on Amazon.  

In this post I’m sharing the Amazon must haves that I used for my pantry organization before and after. 

The photos in this post are a realistic look at how a pantry looks once it’s had a makeover, then lived in for a year, then organized on a weekly/monthly basis. I took all of the pretty containers out of the pantry to create a true “before” photo for this point. 

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Pantry Organization Amazon Must Haves

Glass Jars - These glass jars are both functional and beautiful. I love using them and they are easy to refill. We keep everything from tea bags to rice and dog treats in these jars.

Wooden Hooks - These are very useful and stylish. I use them to hang my apron and tote bags on. I would say I use them every day because I am constantly wearing my apron to cook or wash dishes.

Labels - One of the top questions that I get asked is how I made the labels on my jars. I used this Cricut Explore Air to print the labels onto a sheet of vinyl then transferred them to the jars. You can read more about my process in the original pantry post! 

Bread Box - I don't keep this in our pantry, but it solved a problem we were having in our pantry. We never have enough room for bread or it gets crushed in the baskets with the chip bags, so I bought this box to keep under the island. The dogs used to find any bread that we have and they don't know it's even in there! It solved two problems in one item. The one that I have is no longer available, so I have linked a similar one!

Wire Under Shelf Basket - These are some of my top requested items in my pantry post. These baskets hold vegetables and come in a two-pack so that you can store your onions and potatoes separately, as you should.

Small Glass Jar - I bought these to hold baking powder. They are small and good for things that you might have a small amount of. It holds the entire container of baking powder for me, so I just dump it right into the glass jar.

Clear Adhesive Bins - These are great for sticking to the inside of the pantry door to hold aluminum foil or bag clips. These are not great for heavy items such as bottles! I have tried!

Large Baskets - Large baskets are a must for chip bags, snacks, and random items that you grab every day. I have a large basket on the bottom shelf of our pantry and a smaller one to hold baking goods on the baking essentials shelf.

Wire Mesh Baskets - These are great for extra items and gathering random items together on one shelf. You can find these at IKEA, but the price comes out the same and I don't have an IKEA location near me.

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pantry before and after

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