2023 Amazon Christmas Gifts For the Baby Boy

I’ve curated a gift guide with Amazon Christmas gifts for the baby boy, which can be tricky since babies under one generally have no clue what Christmas is. They are just enjoying the entire family being together and joining in on the fun. Clothes are boring for them but helpful for us. Toys can be fun if age-appropriate. They are also hitting so many milestones that getting items such as new bibs and bowls can be a great time to purchase those, but again, not as fun for them on Christmas morning. I’ve tried to create a list with a variety and keep those things in mind.

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As I mentioned earlier, not as fun for them, but a great time to find cute sweaters and comfortable fabrics for the upcoming season. They are constantly outgrowing items so it’s a great time to stock up, especially with sales.


Plush stuffed animals or soft toys are always a hit with babies, especially when they are teething!


Board books with colorful pictures and simple stories are great for engaging a baby’s senses and fostering brain development in the infant’s ever-growing mind. Likewise, reading to them is especially important to encourage brain growth and cognitive skills.


I’m not a fan of plastics, although I know kids love them. It’s not even the material that I’m not a fan of, but more so the fact that they don’t allow much to the imagination. I love a Montessori approach with sensory toys that promote development and learning, such as soft blocks, sensory balls, or musical toys.


Toys with a musical theme such as a mini wooden piano or colorful characters can help soothe and entertain the baby as well as encourage development.


Consider a subscription box that delivers age-appropriate toys and products to the baby’s doorstep every month. Amazon has several to choose from.

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