2023 Amazon Gift Guide For Her This Christmas

This gift guide for her is probably my favorite of the guides because it includes all of the ideas on my own personal list. Holiday gift ideas can be so tricky for my family because my husband and I tend to purchase the things that we really want throughout the year, especially if they go on sale. We also tend to purchase smaller items, so really the only gift ideas left for our list are the high-priced items that we haven’t already bought. Then Christmas comes around and we not only have each other to buy for, but the kids and the rest of our family as well. I have stocked up several of those larger items for my gift guide for her, and Joel and I agree that we each pick one of the large items to gift each other each year and leave the rest for everyone else. That way we are getting the things that we really want, especially the bigger items that we aren’t buying ourselves on a whim the rest of the year, but we set the expectation to get one thing for each other. Most of the time we either buy these items on Black Friday when they are on sale or wait until after Christmas to hit those sales and gift something smaller for the day of, knowing that we will get the larger item after Christmas.

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This one didn’t make it into the graphic because I honestly forgot it when arranging everything, but I LOVE this camera. It really does not disappoint. It has been on my list for a while now and I finally bought it this year! I use the manual settings with my photography background, so if you have any photography knowledge or are willing to learn, I recommend setting everything yourself. If you don’t have that or the desire to learn, auto is great too. This camera’s focusing feature is really what makes it along with the lighting, and overall it creates buttery photos. You will need an SD Cardand I also recommendthis port for iPhonesto instantly upload them to your phone through your photos.


I love the look of this coffee maker and had to include it in my gift guide for her. The first time I took my first sip, I wasn’t really even thinking about the coffee maker because I hadn’t had my coffee yet and needed to wake up, but my first thought was “This is really smooth coffee.” It makes a smooth cup of coffee and a friend of mine was commenting on the effect that the rain-style water spout has on the coffee where it creates an even boil instead of in one particular spot causing the boiling water to burn the grounds going into the coffee.


I’m obsessed with this popcorn maker! I love it because it’s black, but it’s also so fun to use and the popcorn is seriously the most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had. It’s just as tasty as movie theater popcorn. We don’t have a microwave, so this was a big deal for us to finally have a fun and tasty way to make it for movie nights! I highly recommend buying thepopcorn kitthat is made by the maker. I’ve tried it both ways using the sample pack that comes with the maker as well as buying my own at the grocery. TheFranklin’s popcorn kitreally is superior in taste!


I want this cookbook for our pasta nights while we are learning the art of pasta making. I figured a quality recipe book couldn’t hurt, because as much as I have done research online, having a done-for-you book is more helpful than piecing recipe ideas together when you’re just starting to learn.


I have been looking for a similar pair of teddy-style slippers ever since the SKIMS pair came and went before I could grab a pair. These finally surfaced on Amazon and I immediately bought them!


This stone diffuser has been on my list for years and I really need to just get it. It’s so beautifully aesthetic and fits perfectly in with living room decor so as not to distract from the place, but elevate it and create a cozy vibe with essential oils diffusing.


I started making our dog’s food homemade every week, which is easier than it sounds, but I need large containers and I don’t want oversized plastic food containers in the fridge. I have worked to create organization in our pantry and in our fridge, so I am ready to upgrade our food storage as well. We do have all glass containers at the moment, but they have the bamboo lids and they don’t last very long from putting them in the dishwasher. They have cracked and broken within a few short years of having them.


I am so close to getting my own set of pasta attachments for our KitchenAid mixer. If you have the mixer, this is a fun gift to create experiences with your family in the form of pasta nights. I am going to create an entire post about the ultimate pasta night at home, because I am passionate about cooking together, creating experiences, and eating homemade food! Obviously, we aren’t making homemade pasta every night, but I want to be intentional and make homemade pasta nights a routine Sunday Supper that we do once a month.


The brand Our Place is finally on Amazon! I have been wanting a Dutch-oven-style pot, and I love that this one comes in a charcoal color. Our kitchen is all white, so I am trying to infuse contrast into the space with our appliances and countertop items.


This is a handmade natural stone incense burner that can be used as a relaxing way to create a cozy ambiance. It can be used anywhere in the house and I think it’s a thoughtful gift to give to her for self-care nights, cozy reading time on the couch, or when company is coming over to sit on the coffee table.


I wouldn’t link just any robe for a cheesy and predictable idea on my gift guide for her. I came across these UNHIDE lightweight robes that are a mix between a cozy blanket and a robe, so really a blanket that you can wear around the house. I’ll take that!


You know that joke about how you think your makeup looks perfect at home and then you get into your car where you see yourself in the mirror and look nothing like you thought you did in the dark of your home applying makeup? Yeah, this mirror eliminates that. It is a splurge for sure, but it definitely worth it. I have not had that experience once since purchasing the Rikki Mirror and love the confidence it gives me when applying my makeup. I look so much better!


Now that I have my SMEG drip coffee machine, the next purchase on my list is an espresso machine. I love the look of this one being black and so aesthetic. I am the only one who drinks coffee in our home, so it’s really just for me and better look good on the counter if I’m taking up space.


I have a similar Polaroid camera that creates wide photos, but I am linking this one because this one wasn’t available when I bought mine. I love the look of the square photo instead of the narrow ones that the Instax mini creates. These are small squares, but I love that they are truer to the look of the original Polaroid camera. I use mine all the time and love it. It is a great way to put your phone away, care less about the perfect lighting, and just capture moments with your kids that you will look back on later.

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