2023 Amazon Gift Guide For Him This Christmas

I love doing holiday gift ideas and I created this gift guide for him because I know at least for me personally, shopping for him isn’t always easy! Typically, once I start getting ideas together they really start flowing, but I always need a little inspiration myself. I’ve curated all of my individual 2023 gift guides on my storefront and on my blog if you need more inspiration for yourself, the littles, and friends. I’m also doing a Secret Santa/White Elephant gift guide because I think those are always fun to create too! I will probably mention this several times throughout my gift guide posts, but I am not one to gift for the sake of gifting. I truly love finding the perfect gift and putting meaning behind it. I’m not fully into the idea of Christmas being all about the gift-crazy scene where everyone is out to purchase a gift for everyone on their list. There is so much madness to the holiday scene that it can be easy to forget to slow down, be present in the season, play games as a family by the tree, and actually remember the true meaning of Christmas – even if that’s personal to you and your traditions. I think The Grinch with Jim Carey was meant for me because I relate to Cindy Lou Who watches everyone be crazy around her hectic shopping instead of baking as a family, sitting by a fire with a Christmas book, etc. There is a time to shop, but I think we can do it with intention despite the pressure of society to buy buy buy. I hope these gift guides inspire you to find something meaningful to give even if it’s not particularly on these lists, but inspires ideas for something meaningful that everyone on your list will love.

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This vintage board game bookshelf edition Monopoly looks so cool for both a fun game to play and an addition to the living room. I have started to make Joel play Monopoly with me, which he does enjoy, but a vintage edition would make it that much more fun when he beats me haha.


This may seem like a silly gift, but Joel is always looking for easy, yet healthy ways to make food. He buys the Kodak waffles high in protein, and this maker looks like it could be used for even frozen waffles without having to make the batter every time. It’s also made for making other food such as hash browns, which is another of his favorites.


It has become tradition for me to select hot sauce packs to gift to Joel and he uses them throughout the year. He also has tastings with his friends which is always fun. This one, in particular, is a gourmet assortment with white truffle, black truffle, and an original flavor TRUFF bottle.


Ever since I made caramelized bananas recently and realized how easy it would have been to do with a blow torch, I realized that Joel and I need one. I know that he would use it to make fun desserts.


We are obsessed with ours. We bought it recently and as I mentioned in my S’mores Night post, Joel loves it for both roasting marshmallows and turning on for ambiance when guests come over.


This is an exfoliating facial sponge for daily skincare and I thought it would be a great gift for a guy where not all men wash their face on a daily basis, but a sponge with activated charcoal could be cleansing of the pores and exfoliate all in one.


Joel loves making cocktails and while he isn’t the biggest fan of whiskey, I know they can be used for an assortment of drinks. They are made of silicone which makes it easy to remove the ice spheres and it creates an elevated drink experience.


Joel loves the woodsy, leathery smells and I stumbled upon this Malin+Goetz candle on Amazon. I thought it would be the perfect addition to the gift guide for him. It is all-natural and hand-poured with a luxury wax blend.


Joel doesn’t drink coffee or espresso, so in our home, this would be a gift for me, but I love that this machine comes in a dark color so I thought it would be fun to add to a gift guide for him for any coffee lovers.


Joel and I both love vinyl and have several of our own. We had a player but I didn’t love the look of it, so I donated it and have been on the lookout for the perfect one to match our aesthetic. I am obsessed with this one and it’s the perfect one to fit our style.


I would have never thought to gift this, but as you get more into your 30s, you start to realize the tension in your muscles, especially when you have kids. This would honestly be the perfect gift for Joel, especially after a good workout.


We love ours and are looking to upgrade it. I have had this one on our list and share it with anyone who is gifting it to a fellow movie or football lover. You can cast it on the wall indoors or have outdoor movie nights as a family.

holiday gift guide for him

What do you get a guy for Christmas?


Being in my 30s, I can now appreciate a good bottle of wine or tequila, and my husband can too. Whenever he gets a limited edition or unique bottle of tequila, it’s one of his favorite gifts. Likewise, he loves to test different hot sauces and it is something that he and his friends do together, so hot sauce sets are a hot item on his list too.


If he loves to cook, consider choosing a cookbook with a cuisine that you think he would be interested in learning and perfecting. It’s also something that the two of you can do together, even if you don’t love to cook, being in the kitchen with a couple of glasses of wine is quality time.


This could be wine tasting, tequila tasting, or a pasta-making class. You can do it together as something fun to do as a date for quality time.


Honestly, even something like HBO Max would be a fun gift if you didn’t already have it. My husband watches a variety of shows on different apps and we have several to choose from, but we take breaks from some of them from time to time. If your guy has a show on a particular app that he has been watching to watch or several movies on the app, this could be a fun surprise. Another subscription idea would be a membership to a particular club that he wants to get into. My husband wants to join a particular gym near us, so that is something he is putting on his list. This could also be a subscription service in the form of a wine club or choose one of Amazon’s subscription boxes if there is one you think he would truly love.


My husband loves our pizza oven as well as our fire bowl that we use when guests come over as well as to make s’mores with. These two items will forever be on my list of recommendations. If you get the pizza oven that we have, you will need this protective cover when it’s not in use, and this fluid for the fire bowl to ignite.

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