2023 Amazon Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Christmas

Why are stocking stuffer ideas so hard to come by? I was talking to my mom the other day about her childhood stocking stuffers in the 1950’s and she said they included oranges, peppermint patties, apples, a book of lifesavers, nuts that you had to crack open the old-fashioned way, and traditional candy canes. I love those ideas and love a more traditional approach to stockings. If you have read through my gift guide posts, you’ll know that I am all about a more intentional gifting experience and staying true to the meaning of Christmas instead of giving just to keep up with society’s way of gifting. For these stocking stuffers, I am including items that I love or Joel loves and think would be fun to receive in our stockings!

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What are some good ideas for stocking stuffers?


I think the holidays allow for so many opportunities to eat sweets that I wouldn’t use a ton of these, but small treats can be fun such as a holiday chocolate bar specifically from Santa, a small batch of quality popcorn (not the stale premade kind), or traditional candy canes.


I love the Patchology eye matches, so getting those in my stocking would be such a treat alongside an eye mask, high-end lip balm, or a fresh facial roller.


This could be boring DEPENDING on the item, but if there is something that the chef in your home has really been wanting and it fits in their stocking, that could be a fun stocking gift teaser to their other presents. Think of it as a fun way to start off strong with the gift-giving.


My husband and I LOVE getting one quality pair of knitted socks. We wear them all through the cozy winter months.


This is a great idea if you have little kids. Thea LOVES art so this would be such a treat for her. Think watercolor paints, gel pens, etc.


I hate giving gift cards, but they are kind of fun in stockings if you put $10 on each one and select particular stores that the person loves. This includes coffee shops, little lunch spots, etc. You can also give larger amounts to gas stations, restaurants, or home improvement stores. My husband personally loves those.

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