5 Amazon Finds I’m Obsessed With For Your Holiday Gift Ideas This Christmas

I’m sharing a few of my favorite recent Amazon purchases to give you holiday gift ideas to put on your own list this Christmas. These are items that I bought for my birthday earlier this year, splurged on, or just had to have and love enough to recommend them here on my personal list. Each of these gift ideas are items that I am obsessed with, and I’m telling you my reasons for each item in this post. If you love coffee, skin care, being at home, and creating quality experiences with your family, these holiday gift ideas are for you.

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Top 5 Amazon Finds I’m Obsessed With

I’m going to say that I am obsessed a lot in this post, but that’s because these items are my top Amazon finds of the year. I have a long list of the best Amazon finds for 2023, but these items are specific gifts and finds that I am the most excited about.


I LOVE this camera. It really does not disappoint. It has been on my list for a while now and I finally bought it this year! I use the manual settings with my photography background, so if you have any photography knowledge or are willing to learn, I recommend setting everything yourself. If you don’t have that or the desire to learn, auto is great too. This camera’s focusing feature is really what makes it along with the lighting, and overall it creates buttery photos. You will need an SD Card and I also recommend this port for iPhones to instantly upload them to your phone through your photos.


I’m obsessed with this popcorn maker! I love it because it’s black, but it’s also so fun to use and the popcorn is seriously the most delicious popcorn I’ve ever had. It’s just as tasty as movie theater popcorn. We don’t have a microwave, so this was a big deal for us to finally have a fun and tasty way to make it for movie nights! I highly recommend buying the popcorn kit that is made by the maker. I’ve tried it both ways using the sample pack that comes with the maker as well as buying my own at the grocery. The Franklin’s popcorn kit really is superior in taste!


I am so glad these style of chairs made their way to Amazon. They are the perfect style to fit our home’s aesthetic and I want to buy more than one to create a couch effect in our cinema room.


We use this all the time. We bought it to make s’mores as a family, but we also use it for the ambiance when we have guests and sometimes even pull out the marshmallows with our adult friends as well. In fact, we just did so tonight for dessert!


I love the look of this coffee maker. The first time I took my first sip, I wasn’t really even thinking about the coffee maker because I hadn’t had my coffee yet and needed to wake up, but my first thought was “This is really smooth coffee.” It makes a smooth cup of coffee and a friend of mine was commenting on the effect that the rain-style water spout has on the coffee where it creates an even boil instead of in one particular spot causing the boiling water to burn the grounds going into the coffee.

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I bought myself the SMEG coffee maker as an upgrade to my everyday drip coffee and now that the Always Pan is on Amazon, I’ve been eyeing those as well. I personally love being in the kitchen whether I’m making coffee or cooking, so anything from kitchen gadgets to cookbooks is high on my list.


Consider gifting subscription boxes like meal kits, beauty products, or book clubs. Amazon has a ton of cool options to choose from!


These vintage book games are the coolest! I love this take on the traditional games combined with a stylish way to display them on your shelf.


Beauty and self-care are always a trend because we are always looking for ways to better care for ourselves, feel our best, and take care of our skin. From the NuFace facial lift (which I’ve been eyeing myself) to my favorite skin-care and beauty must-haves, these gifts never disappoint.

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