5 Amazon Finds to Create a Stylish Home Aesthetic By Elevating Packaged Items

Over the last several years, I have been finding more and more ways to create a stylish home aesthetic by elevating the packaged items in our home. First, I started with our pantry and gave it a full makeover. Then I moved onto our fridge, making it a more organized space for daily use. Lastly, I organized the space under our sink. It isn’t enough to organize the items in each space, I needed an easy way to maintain the organization to create the home aesthetic that I am going for. I found five Amazon finds that I can use to replace the ugly package items. They are affordable, easy to keep reusing, and elevate the spaces that we use every single day. They make everything cohesive, easier to see items we might be low on as well as feel more organized because we have been intentional about the items we are storing instead of using the randomly packaged items from the manufacturers. Plus, they are all plastic-free! Not only am I attempting to reduce the plastic in our home, but I am also going for a particular home aesthetic which means a plastic-free one. I have a few plastic storage containers, but overall I am not into a ton of plastic items!

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Why does my house always look like a mess?

Even when your home is clean, clutter can make it look dirty. Clutter can come in the form of too much furniture, knick-knacks on a shelf or counter, too many blankets and throws, etc. If you straighten these areas regularly and take a look at what you use and what you love, you can remove the items that are not serving a purpose in your everyday life or adding to the aesthetics of your home.

How can I make my house look better?

In addition to finding unique ways to store packaged items in your home, you can also find ways to declutter, which will overall eliminate the messy feel and improve the look of your home.


Glass storage containers have multiple uses around the home. They can be used in the fridge to store leftovers and reduce the plastic Tupperware in your fridge which is both a prettier and healthy way to keep your leftovers fresh. You can use tall glass containers to organize dry foods in your pantry and eliminate the packages that come in from the store. You can also use them on your countertop as an aesthetic way to store coffee beans or items that you collect multiple of at one time.


I started using an acrylic tissue box, but since then, these cute tissue box covers have become a trend, and for good reason! They are super cute and easy to use. All you do is place them directly over your cardboard tissue box, so no need to take them all out of the box to place them into a different container.


Not all of the items that you buy have to come in ugly packaging. You can find brands that put the same care into their packaging that they do their products. A few of my favorites that you can find on Amazon are the Ouai hand lotion and soap duo, the Lux Unfiltered Hand Wash, and the Aesop hand wash duo.


Reusable bottles with a dispenser top are a great way to have a prettier display in your bathroom or kitchen sink area. You can buy them with pretty labels for a done-for-you aesthetic look. This is an affordable alternative to buying the pretty packaged hand soap and lotion bottles. If you want to stock up on those occasionally, this option allows you to buy your favorite hand soap in bulk and decant it into a reusable bottle.


Okay, I am actually obsessed with the glass spice jars that come with a wood lid and modern labels on Amazon. I recently bought ours and cannot wait to decant all of our spices into them. I am only waiting because we are getting new countertops and I want to complete the new look with our new spice jars. These jars also make it easier to see where certain spices are. I honestly have trouble finding spices with the way our drawer currently is. There is no cohesiveness to the bottles, so it feels all over the place. My eyes can’t focus quickly enough and I often find myself picking every single bottle up to find the correct one.

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