5 Stylish Amazon Books From Zero to Splurge to Style In Your Fall Coffee Table Decor

The very first note that I want to make for this fall coffee table decor is that for those with kids, like me, who may not have a perfectly styled coffee table every day of the week, these ideas are meant to inspire your home and meet it exactly where it’s at. I love the saying from this video where Chris says “We can’t have it look like anyone LIVES here.” That always stuck with me when I was preparing for guests to come over or endlessly tidying up my home. The details of my home do not have to be perfect, because it means that it is well loved and lived in. The purpose of having a styled coffee table is for your own sake. It’s about having a table that you love and bringing back that feeling of fall for whenever you DO tidy up or are having guests over. It’s not about having the perfect coffee table or home, but the effort that we put in to make it available when we want it.

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Fall Coffee Table Decor

5 Stylish Amazon Books to Style In Your Fall Coffee Table Decor


The coffee table book, STILL, is a book about interiors that takes its readers on a journey into the slow movement – which I am ALL about. It focuses on living sustainably, locally, organically, and whole. The book educates readers on how their surrounding environment plays a role in the overall health and well-being of the inhabitant and how we can arrange our lifestyle and home to flow with us, not against us. I find this theme perfect for fall as we slow down from a busy summer and return to the indoors with lots to celebrate over the holidays. Slow living teaches us to be present in the moments that we are in, and fully live within them.


This is directly from the book description itself and I don’t think I could describe it any clearer: Be it architecture, interiors, or furniture, Norm’s unique brand of soft minimalism speaks to the mind as much as the body, creating spaces for people. I chose this book because of its theme paired with the recurring wooden elements within the book’s interior textures.


I am obsessed with this coffee table book from start to finish. Its theme focuses on laid-back interiors for modern living but encompasses just about everything that we value in our home for a slower way of life. I was reading it thinking “Yes! I love this!” because she was speaking my language from having baskets to throw toys in versus trying to make your home perfect and putting every item away every single day. I love for my home to be tidy, but if I spent all of my time tidying up, I would lose the opportunity to be present with my family. This one really spoke to me and I love the fire in the fireplace for a fall vibe.


This book takes you on a journey through making your house a home with a focus on the details in each room. From the book’s description: “the bullnose edge of a marble countertop. The wood grain and color of the flooring. In Call It Home, she shares her secrets to choosing and applying fabric, paint, finishes, tile, flooring, and more for a beautifully designed home, shortcutting the often-overwhelming decision-making process.” I chose this book because of its earth-tone color in a deep brown which pairs perfectly with a fall coffee table decor, but also for its focus on yet again making a house a home bringing in details to create the coziest environment to live.


This book was chosen specifically for the extremely cozy fire in the fireplace on the cover, paired with its overall deep earth-tone appeal. The interior design book focused on the concept of Wabi which advocates for simplicity and humility, as well as the rejection of all that is superfluous or artificial. The book features “natural materials with time-worn objects that evoke the essence of Wabi.” There is nothing more “fall” home decor to me than the use of natural objects, especially those with time and maturity to them.

How do you style a coffee table in the fall?


If your coffee table is a neutral color in wood, tan, white, or black, this is the perfect start to layering in your fall coffee table decor. If you don’t have a neutral base, such as glass, you can use an earthy-toned or jute runner to center the table and bring the colors of fall into the otherwise colder element.


Choose elements in deep browns, tan, cream, and black for a more modern approach to decorating for the fall. I specifically chose to feature coffee table books in these colors to bring an organic feel to your table.


There is no better feeling than a warm fire lit in the fireplace during a cool fall day, or a candle placed nearby to give that cozy ambiance. You can layer a candle on top of stacked coffee table books to not only style the scene but also add an element of warmth to the table.


Whether real or faux, you can use small pumpkins or gourds if you truly want to feel the vibes of fall home decor.


Add a brown tray to collect items such as a wick trimmer for the candle or other stylish earth-toned items. A tray adds depth to the table and additional layers which is pleasing to the eye and makes the entire scene feel styled.


Arrange your items in a balanced and symmetrical way to create a visually pleasing look. This means pairing books in threes and organizing the shapes by lining up edges.

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