5 Ways to Create a Cozy Thanksgiving Table Setting With Amazon Finds Under $50

If you’re like me, you wait until November 1st to even consider Thanksgiving table setting ideas. While society and shopping trends push holiday upon holiday, I really can’t wrap my head around the next holiday without enjoying the present one. I think that is a better way to live because you fully embrace the moment, take time to slow down, make memories, and enjoy life rather than skip to the next thing after the next. Now that it’s officially November, I am fully embracing the holiday of getting together around an oversized table with too much food, and wine and enjoying each other’s company. This post features five ways to create a cozy Thanksgiving table, because again, if you’re like me, you want all the feels and all the vibes, without blowing your Black Friday or Christmas budget to get it.

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Use a linen tablecloth and or a textured table runner to create an interesting base for your table. From there you can add in your various platters, plates, and items to layer for dimension!


If you think of your table as a flat landscape, you can create interest and dimension by layering objects of different heights across the table. This is a simple way to make your table attractive without spending a ton on an oversized floral arrangement, which can be expensive in and of itself. You can use a large vase to center the table and fill it with fake or dried leaves, and candles in different heights using taper holders. A great way to maximize the space on the table is to use pedestal stands for pies and different food types. This will lift items up making room for other foods as well as create an interesting look.


Create a cozy and warm ambiance by lighting various candles and tapers across your table. I think a good number for a large rectangle table if table space allows, is to use eight tapers in different heights. This alone is all the decor that you need to create an interesting table.


If you don’t already have pillows on the chairs or on the benches around your table, add soft pillows for extra comfort. This will give your guests a comfortable space to sit in and encourage them to relax, stay, and enjoy good food and food conversation. You can add throws as well across one or two of the chairs for anyone who wants extra cozy warmth during dessert or in the later part of the evening with cocktails.


Inspiration on Pinterest is wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming and feel over the top. For us personally, we use one plate for each person whereas I’ve seen some inspiration that uses a main course plate, a salad plate, and sometimes a bowl. I’m not sure what the bowl is for, but we use buffet style and nothing that I can think of requires a bowl. Again, not knocking anyone’s inspiration, but I want to set realistic expectations and make creating a table a bit easier for those with kids looking to create an aesthetic, but ultimately don’t have the time of day or energy to go over the top! One simple Thanksgiving table setting is plenty for each guest.

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