5 Ways to Elevate Your Mindset to Live a Life You Love With Intentional Living

elevate your mindset

Today I sat down to write my first blog post. I had been thinking about how to elevate my mindset with intentional living, but as I was pulling my thoughts together, my attention was pulled in another direction. My baby girl wanted to play with me. On most days she can play for a bit while I sit with her. Today she wanted to play with everything except her toys. She was happy to explore the house, play with pots and pans, and get into everything except what she was supposed to.

These are THE moments when I could get frustrated about not being able to finish a task, but instead, I can choose intentional living.

I’m a list maker and I like to cross things off my list for a productive, accomplished feeling. This kind of day is where I could be impatient about not having a second to think for myself. It’s easy to live day to day focusing on what tasks you want to get done that day, including this blog post. Yet, the mindset that you choose each day is the foundation that you lay for your life.

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If every single day adds up to one life, what value are you adding to that day with that one task?

If you were to look back on your life 10 years from now, would you remember the to-do list that you didn’t get done? When I sat down to write my blog post, I could have chosen to prioritize getting this done. I could have spent the day frustrated by the lack of time to focus. I could have tried to squeeze in time to write while Thea was playing. Instead, I chose to put away my notes and balance my time by not spreading myself too thin. With one shift in my mindset, I decided to spend time with my baby girl who is only a baby once. I decided to remember the quality time that I spent with her. I want to embrace my life as a life that I have lived, not a life that I filled with crossing things off my list.

How Do You Elevate Your Mindset With Intentional Living to Create a Life You Love?

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