5 Ways to Make Your Home More Aesthetic With Amazon Home Essentials

If you are looking to elevate your home essentials and add more aesthetics to your home, you can easily do this by thoughtfully curating the items that you choose to bring to your home. We have slowly shifted the focus in our home over time to a more aesthetically pleasing and inspiring space to be in. With all of the plastic and packaged items offered to us, we have to be thoughtful and intentional about our approach to filling our home with not just home decor, but the items in our fridge and pantry as well.

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How do I make my home aesthetically pleasing?


Try arranging the furniture with Feng Shui in mind. Shifting the layout of your furniture can instantly give your room a fresh look. Experiment with different arrangements to create a more visually appealing and functional space.


Removing unnecessary items and clutter can instantly improve the appearance of your room. A clean and organized space looks more aesthetic.


If you have decorations stored away, switch them out periodically to keep the room feeling new and interesting.


Organize items in visually pleasing containers or baskets, which can also serve as decorative elements.

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Not all of the items that you buy have to come in ugly packaging. You can find brands that put the same care into their packaging that they do their products. A few of my favorites that you can find on Amazon are theOuai hand lotion and soap duo, theLux Unfiltered Hand Wash, and theAesop hand wash duo.


Baskets are a great way to hide unwanted items. There are some items that simply cannot be put into separate containers, and there wouldn’t be enough space to decant EVERY SINGLE item in your home that came in a package. For these items, I use woven baskets. They create an organic feel and add to my home aesthetic perfectly!


Glass bottles are a great way to store orange juice and milk, reducing the plastics in your fridge and giving you a better way to organize your refrigerator. Glass spray bottles can be used to store cleaning products under your sink, just be sure to label them! Lastly, glass containers with wood lids can be used to create more organization in your pantry as well as give it more of a cozy home aesthetic!


I’ve mentioned before how much I love this tissue box cover. I started using an acrylic tissue box, but since then, these cute tissue box covers have become a trend, and for good reason! They are super cute and easy to use. All you do is place them directly over your cardboard tissue box, so no need to take them all out of the box to place them into a different container.


If you use something in your home on a daily basis, think about how you could elevate it to improve, or purchase an elevated item. For example, this oil diffuser is not just any oil diffuser. It is one of the top-rated diffusers you can find AND it looks amazing in your home. If you diffuse essential oils on a regular basis, having a diffuser that you love to look at and add to your home decor will instantly elevate your home’s aesthetics.

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