7 Ways to Transition Your Home to a Cozy Fall Aesthetic With Amazon Home Decor Finds

Everyone talks about the importance of Spring cleaning, and I have all of my favorite Amazon home finds for cleaning, but this post is hyping up decluttering and pulling out all of the best Amazon home decor finds for fall. I think there should be more hype about fall cleaning. My thought is this, Spring cleaning is a necessary task to refresh our home after a long fall and winter of being inside. However, fall cleaning is an underestimated task because we are moving into a season of being primarily indoors. I think our indoor spaces should be refreshed even more so in preparation.

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Once you’ve tidied up your home and given it a deep clean for a full-on refresh for fall, it’s time to decorate with the five senses and complete that cozy fall aesthetic. This post features cleaning tips and areas to hit with the idea of being indoors all season, as well as how to make it a place of warmth.

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What Should I Clean Before Fall?

With this question in mind, I’m not only giving you a guide to fall cleaning, I’m giving it to myself. As a mom of two with two dogs, my own business, daily home upkeep, date nights, and living life in the slowest, stress-free way, I have a lot on my mind. We have a cleaning team that comes once a month, but I really don’t have the mental capacity to remember every area to refresh when fall hits, so this is just as much my list to myself as it is yours.


I want to knock this out of the way because everyone knows how to do the basic cleaning tasks, but let’s not leave it off the list. Start with dusting all the things, deep cleaning more than your usual. Be sure to hit the ceiling lights and fans, things we don’t make time for during regular cleanings, at least I don’t! Next, hit your windows inside and out if possible. I’m not saying clean your outdoor windows, but if you have windows that fold down like we do and allow you to clean from inside, give them a once over! I’m already boring myself, so moving on because you know how to clean.


We often overlook things like cleaning the washing machine detergent drawer or washer filter, so if you haven’t done that in a while, hit it with a quick once over and give it a refresh for all of the sweaters you will be washing this fall. Another non-basic cleaning area to clean is the refrigerator. This is a task that I put off as long as possible, so putting it on my to-do at least every spring and every fall will encourage me to get it done.


This is not a call to action telling you to organize every closet and drawer in your house, because that is an entirely different day. This is a cleaning and tidying day, so if you have baskets by the front door with shoes that everyone throws in there on their way in and out of the door, it’s time to put those away.


This one is the most important item on the list for me. If you haven’t changed your air filters in a while or if it’s time, pop the new ones in and give those a refresh. Your air quality is even more important during the winter months the more that you stay indoors, but it’s also healthier on your heating and cooling system. I also purchased this air purifier and plan to get a larger Dyson purifier at some point too.


The second truly most important item after you hit the more basic items such as windows, are the soft surfaces in your home. This includes couches, rugs, and anywhere that you plan to get cozy for long periods of time this fall. We have the feathers sectional which allows us to remove all of the cushion covers and throw them in the wash. That’s why I bought it. We have another couch that does not allow that, so I have the little green to give this couch a good scrub and do it a few times over each section to give it a good washing. If you have pets, I recommend something specific that makes it easy to gather and remove pet hair such as this tool. We don’t have carpet in our home, only area rugs, but we have a lot of hardwood floors to cover so for that a steam cleaner can be used for a gentle yet purifying clean.

How do I make my house feel cozy in the fall?


You can transition your home by simply shifting your home’s color palette to incorporate warm, earthy tones such as tan, brown, cream, and black. For me, this means replacing summer candles with fall scents in spiced pumpkin and woodsy scents. I use candles to create a color palette by using candles that not only smell of a fall ambiance, but that have the color palette of fall as well.


Fall brings cooler weather, so making the interior of your home feel cozy and inviting will give you all the fall feels. This means choosing heavier blankets and throws that you can toss along the back of a chair or the side of the couch. You can also create an aesthetic display by draping a knit throw over a basket. Finding a higher quality basket and throw will make your space feel aesthetic and give a feeling of luxury rather than shopping for the cheapest that you can find.


While I’m not all about putting pumpkins everywhere, I have a few pumpkins made from natural materials such as wood that make our space feel like fall without having bright orange pumpkins everywhere. For our front porch and table, we use gourds which have a fall and pumpkin vibe but feel a bit more stylish and unique than regular pumpkins.


The most obvious way you can transition your space into a cozy fall home aesthetic is to get those candles out. You can use fall candles, but you can also use taper candles that are unscented. Taper candles are classy and aesthetic on a dining table for a cozy ambiance. You can also switch out your essential oils for woodsy and fall-inspired scents. An alternative to candles is to create a simmer pot. I have linked a recipe that I want to try myself this month!


I love to create a natural feeling home, so I use a mix of coffee beans, candles, and small white pumpkins in a wooden tray to create an aesthetic fall centerpiece.


Don’t underestimate the aesthetic vibes of putting on a soft vinyl in the background with a soft jazz feel to it. I love slower songs by Billie Holiday, with a favorite being Autumn In New York. Another creative option is the Complete Harry Potter Collection.


I mentioned this in my fall home decor post, but I will say it again. If there was ever a time to put natural wood decor in your home, it’s during the fall season. The natural element of wood gives a cozy fall vibe because it’s directly correlated to the meaning of fall itself when the leaves are quite literally falling from trees and changing colors. You can use natural wood trays or bowls in the kitchen, stylishly place wooden stools around your home with a stack of books and a candle, or simply use a stack of wood as a decorative look in the fireplace before it gets cold enough to actually burn fires.

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