5 Summer Outfit Ideas With Amazon Fashion Finds

The summer season is coming to an end, but just before we say goodbye I wanted to share some of my favorite Amazon fashion finds from this summer. I’ve been wearing these pieces all summer and taking these basics into the fall season with me. If you need inspiration for your end-of-the-summer looks with items you can use through the next season, these looks are for you.

These are 5 of my favorite summer looks from Amazon fashion finds.

There is so much you can do to mix and match these looks beyond the outfits that I put together. I prefer my outfits to be casual and comfortable so that was my focus, but everything is versatile and can be dressed up or down. I’ve shared all of the links for every Amazon fashion find in the graphics below for each outfit.

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Round Black Sunglasses: I've mentioned in previous Amazon Finds posts that I typically buy expensive sunglasses but more recently started picking up inexpensive pairs on Amazon. I go through sunglasses so much that I have started keeping pairs that I can wear every day and don't care as much about the wear and tear. I want a pair of real Rayban's and have been meaning to buy a round black pair, but in the meantime, these are working just fine for my looks.

Square black sunglasses: Another great pair of sunnies that can be mixed and matched with any outfits for your summer looks. I love these and wear them more often than my expensive pairs right now.

Def Leppard T-Shirt:I originally saw this at Urban Outfitters, but I didn't like the holes they added to it. I stumbled upon the same shirt, although I do wish it came in a dress option, I am stoked to have found the same style without holes. I've been pairing it withjean shorts.

The Drop Sandals:I'm obsessed with The Drop brand as of recently. I have several items from them and love them all. These sandals are pricey, but they are great if you are looking for a casual yet stylish sandal to pair with an outfit. I will only keep sandals that I think are comfortable, and these passed the test.

Levi's Mid Length Shorts: I roll these up sometimes if I want a different look because the mid-length has its own style, but these shorts are very comfortable. I am wearing them now as I write this post.

Adidas Hat: I'm dipping my toes into wearing sporty hats and I really love the sleek black edgy one of this hat with the cool sporty brand logo. I'm still learning how to fit it onto my head, but I can see the appeal of wearing these on hair wash days or to complete a casually style look.

Black Biker Shorts: The softest and most comfortable shorts that I own! I wear these with longer shirts and sneakers or a casual slide. These particular shorts are so soft.

Claw Clips: I love my claw clips and wear them every single day to throw my hair back. I almost want to stop allowing myself to wear them so often and try new hair styles, but they are so easy to use and keep strays out of my face while I'm chasing a toddler.

Layered Gold Bracelet: This bracelet is one of the few that I have found to fit my wrist. It's adjustable to be tightened or loosened to fit and looks dainty but cute. I wear it almost every single day because it goes with anything.

Black Set: This set comes with a short-sleeved slightly cropped t-shirt and draw-string black shorts to match. The set is soft and comfortable, and even better in person than I was expecting when I picked it out. I really like this set as a casual everyday look when I'm running errands or going somewhere casual but want to feel put together.

Gold Hoops: These small gold hoops can be paired with just about anything and take any casual outfit to the next level of feeling put together. These are also a rare pair that do not hurt my ears for being how cheap they are.

Mini Summer Linen Dress: I bought this dress on a whim expecting now to love it and it proved me wrong. It's a linen-type texture, so be careful putting it in the dryer. I think mine shrunk a bit when it was already short. This dress is lightweight and so cute for a more feminine summer look!

Gold Choker: This is a simple gold necklace with a bit of a bold look. I typically layer it with other necklaces, but will sometimes wear it by itself. It brings a certain vibe to the look of an outfit, so I pick and choose what statement I'm going for. If I'm going for a more casual-cool look, I will grab this vs when I'm doing a more feminine girly vibe.

Linen Shorts: Comfortable and easy to wear. These are some of the most casual shorts that I have and I only wear them when I'm having a chill day but going out somewhere and want to throw an easy outfit on.

Teva Platforms: Hands down my favorite sandals right now! I've been wearing these all summer. They are so comfortable and honestly, I just feel cool wearing them. They are different, casual, but bring a cool aspect with the platform look.

Honeycat Gold Cuff: First of all, I love the brand's name. Second of all I love this cuff and wear it almost every day along with my layered gold bracelet.

Tan Slides: I wear these every day and they feel like clouds on my feet. Enough said.

The Drop Ivory Knot Purse: I ordered this in black and ivory to try and goodness this purse is cute! It takes a casual outfit and bumps it up to a luxe vibe while still keeping it understated. I love this purse although it's definitely more for a "look". You can't put it on your shoulder or on your arm, it's meant to be held just like a clutch.

Los Angeles T-Shirt: Roll the sleeves, tuck it in, wear it with biker or jean shorts, and dress it up or down with the right slide. This t-shirt is a comfortable go-to in my closet.

The Drop Hilary Tote: This purse isn't huge, but it's larger than your average purse. I love the luxe feel and am always impressed by The Drop brand on Amazon.

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