The Best Amazon Finds In July

Each month this year I'll be sharing things I ordered on Amazon and love. You can find the previous months here! These items fall into any category from style, home goods, home decor, baby essentials, to books, beauty, and more. I only share the best of the best and will make notes on anything I have a particular use for.

Things I ordered on Amazon in July.

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If I could pick one of my top Amazon must haves from this month, this would be it. I bought this water bottle to replace a fancy one that I had because at the end of the day I just want a straw and the previous one did not have one. I use this every single day apart from dishwashing days. It holds the same amount of water that a plastic water bottle does, so you can skip buying those and refill this when it's out while still getting your daily water intake.


I bought these to play cards at the beach. Yes, we have plenty of regular decks, but I thought a modern deck would be a fun change, because I am all about the little details to make life more aesthetically pleasing.


Now in my 30's, while I do want a sunkissed face, I didn't want too much sun exposure. This hat was great for reading and times that I didn't want to overexpose my face or get a sunglasses tan. It held up against the extremely windy beach as well.


I used to only buy name-brand sunglasses and while I do still value that kind of buy very much, I've been trying out cheaper sunnies on Amazon. I wear sunglasses every day because I have sensitive eyes, so they go through a lot of wear and tear. These just came in and I really like them so far. I'm not sure I will wear the hexagon-shaped pair too often, but you never know. They were cheap enough that it gives me an excuse to branch out in my style.


I wanted a stylish cover, but I didn't feel like picking out a bunch of options. I bought this linen button-down to give myself coverage while at the beach and during future pool trips. I've already used it a ton. I prefer a cover while walking around, so this solved a problem for me even if it's not the fanciest piece of clothing. You can tie the bottom, drop one sleeve, leave it open, or roll up the sleeves. It has a lot of diversity to how you can wear it.


If you haven't heard of cedar sticks, they are meant to purify the air, but they also smell really good. I bought a pack of these to keep on hand for burning throughout the week.


I didn't want Thea exposed to the sun too much while at the beach since we didn't have a tent or umbrella, so I bought this long sleeve swimsuit. It fit perfectly and looked adorable.


One of my Amazon must haves that I get everyday use out of. I bought these a few months ago but wanted to group them into this post. I have been wearing these anytime we go to the beach or the pool. They are great for when you might get wet but want to wear sunglasses, or if you're just going out and want a black pair to compliment your look.


I was hoping this wood plate would fit on our open shelves to be decorative, but it's too wide. I am planning to put it on our coffee table with candles once we finish the new living room. I LOVE the wood and texture. It's beautiful.


I have these everywhere around the house. They have similar ones at IKEA, but they are large. I like that Amazon sells different sizes. I use them for toys, linens, and plants. They are great to keep around the house or in closets to hold various items.


I originally saw this at Urban Outfitters, but I didn't like the holes they added to it. I stumbled upon the same shirt, although I do wish it came in a dress option, I am stoked to have found the same style without holes. I've been pairing it with jean shorts.


I'm obsessed with The Drop brand as of recently. I have several items from them and love them all. These sandals are pricey, but they are great if you are looking for a casual yet stylish sandal to pair with an outfit. I will only keep sandals that I think are comfortable, and these passed the test.


We had an oil dispenser, but it leaked everywhere when pouring. I opted for a modern look and one that hopefully had a better spout for a better pour. This one works great and looks cute sitting out on the counter. Both functional and decorative, as always in our house.


I have challenges finding a bathing suit that fits. I want to wear a one-piece, but I have the struggle that one size doesn't fit both my top and bottom. I finally broke the ice after having Thea to get myself back into a bikini and found one that works like magic. By that I mean, you have to buy the set in the same size, which doesn't typically work for me, and somehow it magically does. I feel great wearing it. Highly recommend giving this swimsuit a try if you have trouble finding a suit you love. It's my Amazon must have of the month!

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