How to Style This Amazon Linen Shorts Outfit For Summer

You will only find simple outfits here. I’m not the type to switch purses with every outfit. In fact, I only switch my purse once every year or two. I find the style items that I love and keep them on rotation for an easy wardrobe. I’m not trying to be minimalistic and I don’t care if my closet is full. I only care about filling it with items that I truly love and the items that I truly love happen to be the ones I am constantly putting on rotation. With that said, I use the items that I have to constantly style my outfits with unique ideas using the same pieces over and over.

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How to Effortlessly Style Linen Shorts For Summer

I tend to go for white on white or black on black, etc. I love to have a more monochrome look accented with gold jewelry pieces for an effortless vibe. I’ve styled this linen shorts set from Amazon, which has already done the work for me by coming in a set, selecting stylish black sandals, a complementing tote, everyday Rayban sunglasses, layered gold necklaces, and finishing it off with simple gold hoops.


A lot of the linen shorts that I have are baggy. I try to buy linen shorts that are true to my size and sometimes even a size down as long as they are comfortable. Part of having effortless style is wearing clothes that seamlessly fit your frame, so it’s important not to buy linen shorts that detract from your natural figure.


You can easily style linen shorts and a linen top by tucking in one side of the shirt and rolling both sleeves midway up your arm. It instantly elevates the look by adding dimension and giving it a sense of style.


If you truly want to smooth out your linen wrinkles from time to time, I recommend this handheld steamer. I do steam my wrinkles occasionally, but for the most part, I embrace the natural wrinkles that linen clothing pieces offer, especially in the summertime.

What do you wear with linen shorts?

I typically buy my linen outfits in a set from Amazon to avoid the daily conundrum of having to choose the best pieces to pair with my linen tops and bottoms. However, occasionally I do purchase separate pieces, so my recommendations are oversized lightweight sweaters with linen pants or crop top t-shirts which can also be paired with linen shorts.

What to wear with high-waisted linen shorts?

My favorite way to style high-waisted linen shorts, which are the only type of linen shorts that I wear after two kids, is to pair them with boxy crop tops such as this one or a cropped blouse such as this one.

What kind of shoes to wear with linen shorts?

I am all about platform sandals or mules and it’s not just because I’m a kid of the 90s. Platforms and mules have really made a comeback and provide a statement fashion piece that you can easily throw on with your linen shorts to elevate the look. Plus, if you’re a Spice Girls fan like me, you get a little bit of nostalgia every time.


I’ve mentioned this necklace in several of my summer must haves posts. I think layering simple gold pieces elevates any outfit to make it feel effortlessly styled. Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt, linen pieces, or a ruffled blouse, gold necklaces pair with anything.


I have been loving the linen sets that I am finding on Amazon. This set is in my wishlist cart and I wanted to share it with anyone looking for similar linen outfits for the summer. This set comes with linen shorts and a linen button down which you can style in several ways by tucking in parts and leaving some buttons undone.


These Raybans are at the top of my wish list this summer. I’ve been obsessed for years and finally found the frame and lens shade that I have been looking for.


Forever hyping up this tote as a dupe for the Prada Milano tote. I’m not one for dupes, but I like this one.


For some reason, Amazon earrings, these in particular, are the only earrings that I can wear! My ears are sensitive and can’t handle earrings, even expensive ones. These have been my earrings of choice for years and are extremely lightweight. They elevate even the simplest of summer outfits.


I’ve said it before in previous posts and I will say it again, how stylish are these Vince Bowie Sandals? Yes, please.


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