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Each month I'll be sharing my favorite Amazon must haves. If you missed January, you can find it here! The items in my Amazon must haves fall into categories from style, home goods, home decor, baby essentials, to books, beauty, and more. I only share the best of the best and make notes on anything I have a particular use for.

These Amazon must haves are items that I love the most from my February purchases.

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$10 Marble + Sage Claw Clips: I use these every day in my hair whether I'm pulling it back out of my face or need to separate pieces to style. They are quality clips and my hair doesn't slip out of them. Worth it.

$34 Modern Silverware Set: I purchased 4 of this set so that we could host at least 4 people at a time using this silverware. When you buy the bundle it's about $136 give or take. Joel and I had the same since for ten years after we got married, so I wanted to invest in a nice, new, modern set. A friend of mine had gotten these from her wedding registry a few years ago and I fell in love with them. I finally got around to replacing our's this month and love them just as much as I did when I originally saw them.

$29 Down to Earth Interior Design: I bought this book to be a coffee table book, but it's turning out to be much more. This book sounds as if I wrote it from the introduction and the core elements behind the book. Everything the author values speaks to my soul because I value the same elements for our home. If you're looking for ideas to design your home beyond the outward style of decor, but something cozier and deeper, I recommend this book.

$82 Marble Tray: That sounds expensive for a decorative tray, but this tray is HEAVY. In a good way. It feels like a quality piece of stone and looks beautiful sitting on my dresser. I use it for decorative purposes, holding a pair of earrings, my bubble candle from my previous Amazon finds, and room spray that has a stylish bottle.

$38 Soma Pitcher: We had this same pitcher for years, but the handle broke after an accidental drop. I bought this to replace it. We buy the replacement filters to replace those once a month as well. This pitcher keeps our water clean and filtered, in addition to looking cute in our fridge.

$10 Zoya Nail Polish: This is my go-to nail polish for a non-toxic polish remover! I typically purchase it at Ulta or Whole Foods, but I suddenly realized that Amazon now carries it and I can buy it directly from Zoya so I know it's the original product. Sometimes you have to be careful buying beauty products on Amazon, which I plan to do an entire post on.

$22 White Slippers:I actually bought these slippers a few months ago, but I wanted to group them into one of the posts. They are very comfy and can be thrown in the wash to clean. They will fluff right back up and feel cozy all over again as if you just bought them.

$ Hair Towel: Soft hair towels reduce frizz from the difference in the material they have compared to regular terry cloth towels. They are also lightweight because of their size, which reduces the pull on hair that causes breakage. I recommend using hair towels anytime you wash your hair!

$17 Under Shelf Pantry Baskets: These baskets come in a pack of two and fit under the shelves in your pantry. I have these resting under the bottom shelf of our pantry to store onions and garlic together in one, and potatoes in another. It frees up space and gives the produce room to breathe while remaining separate. Onions and potatoes cannot be stored together!

$38 Honeydew Pajama Shirt: I bought this shirt with the matching pants below to wear around the house. They are lightweight and a little see-through, but a little too warm to wear to bed.

$9 Plant Moisture Meter: This meter saved my plant life! There is some debate on the effectiveness of a plant meter, but for someone who used to kill plants, it works. You measure the moisture in your plant in several spots because sometimes the plant will hold moisture in a particular area depending on where you watered it. If it's dry, you know it's time to water. If it's still moist, you can leave it for a few more days depending on the plant. Most of mine prefer to stay dry, so this tool has helped a lot.

$65 Jute Runner: I bought this for our hallway and it fits perfectly. I added a non-slip mat under it to reduce movement, and while it still shifts some, it really adds a lot to the look of our hallway without being an expensive rug.

$13 Ceramic Egg Holder: I bought this for the fridge to store our eggs more easily. We were keeping them in the carton and it was a pain to pull out of the fridge every time we needed an egg. Not to mention I thought the cardboard container was going to fall of out my hands because it becomes flimsy with wear and tear.

$21 Modern Bread Box: This has solved so many problems for us! I keep this bread box on the bottom shelf of our island. It's a great way to store your bread to keep it fresh and it keeps it out of the way of daily activities in the kitchen. The main reason I bought it, however, was to keep our dogs out of the bread bags. They don't know it's in the box and can't get into it, so it solved a major problem in our kitchen. No more bread bandits.

$17 Can Drink Holders: These come in a two-pack and I bought them for our fridge to store our La Croix. It makes it easy to grab a can, restock, and takes up less space than the boxes. We unload the cans into the holders and recycle the boxes.

$42 Honeydew pajama bottoms: Matching pants to the Honeydew pajama shirt above!

$17 Cord Box: I bought several of these for around the house in the largest size and they work very well to hide cords behind the tv and various places. The box is modern and white, so it's much more aesthetically pleasing to look at than cords hanging everywhere below the tv console.

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