Amazon Must Haves This Month

Each month this year I'll be sharing my favorite Amazon must haves. These items fall into any category from style, home goods, home decor, baby essentials, to books, beauty, and more. I only share the best of the best and will make notes on anything I have a particular use for.

These Amazon must haves are items that I purchased myself this month and love.

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$14 French Cookbook: I bought this cookbook to decorate my open kitchen shelves as well as try some French recipes. I am new to French cooking and can't wait to dive into some of what the cookbook has to offer.

$22 Bubble Candle: I've seen these handmade candles trending for home decor and I've loved the look. I don't plan to burn this one for a while, just bought it to use on my dresser as bedroom decor.

$8 Back Scrubber: This helps you reach the hard-to-reach spots on your back while bathing. I use it both when I'm showering and taking a hot bath.

$20 Glass Storage Jar Set: I wanted to decant our cotton balls and q-tips into cuter jars, so I bought these for our bathroom storage cabinet. They fit perfectly.

$65 King Coop Pillow: These pillows are amazing! We just got them this month and my sleep has already improved tremendously. I used to need two pillows, but these are customizable to your specific needs and it's the only pillow I need. I also purchased the body pillow.

$23 Jellycat Puppy: I love the Jellycat brand stuffed animals for Thea. I picked up this cute puppy and the octopus as well.

$23 Salad Spinner: I use a spinner weekly and picked this one up to replace a previous one that I had because it broke. This one is white and modern while being functional for exactly what I need it for. I love that the sides of the top clip into place and it remains steady while spinning.

$16 Montessori Toddler Book: This book has given me a lot of ideas even with just starting it this month. I have been wanting to learn how to teach Thea in a more hands-on way, and this book gives me ideas to stimulate her brain away through activities.

$12 Peeler: We needed a new peeler, so I searched for a modern peeler with wood accents to match our kitchen. It's sharp and works really well. Much better than our previous one.

$9 Tortoise Earrings: Typically I can only wear certain earrings, but I bought these (technically last month) for NYE looks and they surprisingly work well with my ears. I have sensitive ears and I have not had any issues wearing these I love them.

eco friendly dish scrubber

$17 Dish + Scrubber: I've been making the shift to reusable and eco-friendly dish cleaning products. I bought this bamboo handle dish scrubber and can throw it in the dishwasher for deep cleaning.

$5 Coffee Scoop: This scoop is lightweight stainless steel and fits perfectly in my coffee container. I needed a way to efficiently measure my scoops and this solved that problem for me.

$29 Dog Bowls: I searched high and low for modern dog bowls. I have been working on making my kitchen more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. Since we have dog bowls out in the open every day, I wanted to find a set that matched our kitchen. It's the little things, even dog bowls, that make a home feel cozy with inspiring decor.

$19 Bamboo Bath Caddy: I've been doing more spa nights at home with long bubble baths and I needed a way to hole my iPad, books, and bath items in place above the water. This one fits perfectly over our bathtub.

$9 Mushie Tooth Brush Set: Thea has lots of teeth coming in and we aren't quite ready for a toddler toothbrush but want to start taking care of her teeth. These Mushie toothbrushes can be placed on your finger or theirs as you teeth them to brush. She doesn't chomp down, but if she bites at all the silicone is a barrier against my finger.

$60 Jute Pouf: This pouf was bought for both function and home decor. If you're wanting to decor your home you have to buy items that make it feel decorated and cozy. However, you can find items that serve a purpose in addition to looking cute. I bought this as a footstool for our tv room in front of the couch, but we moved it to Thea's room one day and it has stayed ever since. It's a cute stool that I can sit on while playing with her but looks stylish in her room.

jute pouf

$38 Linen Hamper: I love this hamper! I wanted one that would fit into our linen closet, but as I've mentioned, I've been working on making our home cohesive. Even the closets. This hamper fits all of our clothes and looks cute in our linen closet while I am sorting through the laundry. It is machine washable which is important for me as dirty clothes get passes through it all day long, but I would hang dry it since it's linen.

$150 Hatch Changing Pad: I know this changing pad is expensive, but it was between this one and the peanut changer. They are both in the same price range, but I went with the Hatch because it has a scale to weigh them. This changer was worth it because the one we have previously was cheap and hard to clean. This changing pad is easier to clean and so far we love it.

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