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Each month this year I'll be sharing my favorite Amazon must haves. You can find the previous months here! These items fall into any category from style, home goods, home decor, baby essentials, to books, beauty, and more. I only share the best of the best and will make notes on anything I have a particular use for.

These Amazon must haves are items that I purchased myself this month and love.

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$28 Sunday Suppers Cookbook: We started doing Sunday Suppers every day with our friends, so I bought this book for menu inspiration. I have it displayed on our open shelves so it acts as both functional and decorative as most of my home and cooking books do.

$8 Small Glass Jar: I bought this as an addition to my pantry organization. I needed a small jar to store baking powder and this jar was the perfect fit.

$13 White Ceramic Jar: I bought several of these and Amazon has a lot of slightly different styles all with a modern appeal. I have one that stores raw sugar for coffee and then a larger one to store the coffee beans themselves.

$16 Cotton Produce Bags: I use these to keep clementines, apples, and other produce stored in our refrigerator. I prefer to not have to dig through the mesh that the bags come in, so the reusable cotton bags work well for us.

$50 Compost Bin: I wanted an aesthetically pleasing compost bin both because I would be using it every day and it would be sitting on our counter every day. We use this bin ALL the time. Joel has made the comment that he already sees a huge decrease in the amount of daily trash bags that we go through now that we compost.

$20 Wireless Light Remote: Joel and I installed bedside lights and needed an easy way to turn them on and off. We installed these wireless light remotes and it feels not only functional but a little bit of luxury and ease added to our room.

$28 Glass Jars: I ordered a ton of these for our pantry last year and love them. The tallest one is a bit tall for our standard shelves, so I placed it at the top with tea bags and things that we don't use very often.

$13 Clear Adhesive Bin: I added this to the inside of the door under our sink. I keep magic erasers, cleaning cloths, and essential oils tucked inside the bin.

$56 Silicone Stasher Bags: These silicone ziplock bags are pricey, but they are reusable, washable, and better than storing food in plastic. The amount of money that you use buying plastic bags and clear wrap adds up, so the investment pays off over time.

$120 Large Round Frameless Mirror: We added this to our foyer as a large statement piece as soon as you walk in the front door. It's a great addition!

$7 Flake Salt: If you love a salty side to cookies or brownies, you need this salt. It takes salty-sweet to the next level and it's cool to see the little pyramids from how the salt originated.

$18 Wire Mesh Basket: I have one of these on each shelf in the pantry as well as two in our laundry closet to store random items. They have these exact baskets at IKEA, but we don't live close to an IKEA so buying them on Amazon has been easier than shopping in the store.

$15 Wooden Hooks: We bought these to pair with our large round mirror. I wanted a place for all of our guests to hang their coats and purses, so while they are modern and stylish, I bought them specifically for the function. I keep seagrass baskets hung on them for easily grabbing things on the go.

$11 Cork Lid Glass: I bought this to keep water next to my bedside table, but it proved not to be baby-friendly with toddler fingers grabbing at everything. I now keep it on our open shelves as decoration.

$60 Modern White Planter: I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and feel of this planter. I keep a pothos in our kitchen and it looks cute!

$37 Sweater Set: Comfy and cute! I wasn't sure how I would feel about wearing a sweater with shorts, because either I'm too hot or too cold but during Spring it's been a nice set for the mornings when it's cool but not winter.

$13 Toddler Flower Sunnies: Thea wears these all the time and they fit perfectly! Another great Amazon must have for Thea. These are my favorite pair of sunglasses that she owns.

$20 Stackable Shelves: These are great for storing cleaning products and various items under the sink. I can put things on and under them for more storage while keeping all of the items organized.

$25 Veggie Finger Paint: This is a fun non-toxic paint for toddlers made from vegetables. We love it and it was fun letting Thea get messy and creative.

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