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How cute is this modern patio decor from Amazon?! I am always finding the cutest modern decor and it makes my life easier because let me tell you I am not an interior or exterior designer. When I come across decor that I love on Amazon, it makes it easy to collect everything that I love into one place and create design vision boards for our home. I make one for each room and right now I am all about designing our outdoor spaces!

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These patio lights are a must for any outdoor space to create the perfect evening aesthetic.


I’m including this firewood stack in my stylish patio decor recommendations because beyond using firewood for firepits, it’s great for adding an aesthetic natural look to outdoor spaces. It especially adds to the space if you have an outdoor cooking space. You can stack wood to make it warm, and inviting, and give the feeling of a fully stocked kitchen space ready to use.


If you’re looking for a single sofa without the full set, this is a modern and sleek option with a cream design. I recommend keeping a power washer to keep it clean as well as covers to use when you’re not entertaining and avoid the hassle of constantly cleaning.


I love this black fire pit! It’s one of the most modern fire pits that I have found. I love the round appeal with the cleaner lines and sleek black look.


I have these outdoor pillows and they are waterproof, simple, plain white, and add texture to our space. They do need to be kept out of the weather because they will show signs of wear as would any other furnishing left outdoors unprotected.


I am obsessed with this Ooni Pizza Oven. You can read this post for a full post about why I am so obsessed with it. We have the multi-fuel and I highly recommend using the propane hookup. You will need the attachment which you can find here. I also recommend a cover to fit the oven which you can find here.


Mini fire pits are great for making your dining table cozy or creating a space for smores. They are stylish, fun, and easy to use.


This chair comes in a set of two along with a mini table. I love the modern look and this style of angled chair are in style yet classic and here to stay beyond the trend.


I love concrete planters and these shapes are modern to fit any outdoor space with oversized plants.

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How do I style my outdoor patio?


I mentioned above that I have been getting a vision for our outdoor space and all of the rooms in our home. I think it’s really important to collect ideas and gather them together so that you can visually see your design coming together to see the items that you still need, what you may need to adjust, and overall get excited about your space coming together.


Get into the space that you are styling and start taking measurements. Does a sofa fit in the space that you are styling? Are there places to hang your patio lights? These are important questions to ask to come up with solutions and not only buy the items that you need but also buy the items that fit into your space.


Arrange your furniture in a way that will be both relaxing and inviting to you and your family or guests. You can pivot furniture to slight face one another, similar to how you will be sitting during your conversations by the fire pit on a cool evening under the patio lights.


Incorporate plants and greenery to bring life and freshness to your outdoor space. Choose a variety of potted plants, flowers, and herbs based on your climate and the amount of sunlight your patio receives. Consider using vertical planters or hanging baskets to maximize space. You can also create a small herb or vegetable garden if you have enough room.


Enhance your space with patio lights to frame the sitting area and consider highlighting sections of your yard with modern fixtures. Use warm lighting to create a relaxing feeling in your outdoor space.


Make your patio a comfortable and shaded retreat. Consider adding a stylish patio umbrella or shade to provide protection from the sun. Include outdoor curtains or blinds if you want privacy or protection from the wind. Ensure you have sufficient seating, and consider adding cozy elements such as blankets or outdoor heaters for cooler evenings.

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