7 Ways To Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bath Aesthetic At Home Without a Fancy Bathtub

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I wanted to create the ultimate at-home bubble bath aesthetic because most of us have normal bathtubs that don’t necessarily feel luxurious on their own, but we can easily turn them into the most relaxing bath scene! I’m all about making life at home the best that it can be, the most modern that it can be, and creating a luxurious feeling in my own little world. Even if you don’t have a fancy bathtub, you can create a relaxing bath aesthetic that feels like you’re at the spa, right in your own tub. We bought our bathtub for $60 off the marketplace when we first moved in, and I still turn this tub into a relaxing oasis. This is your chance to unwind, put your phone in another room, and detox the excess energy of the world. You can use all your favorite skincare products to pamper yourself and treat yourself to an at-home spa night.

7 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bath Aesthetic At Home Without a Fancy Bathtub

If you’re anything like me, I tend to hoard my favorite skincare products, especially the expensive ones. I’m trying to get better about it and remind myself that I can get more, but they feel so luxurious that I only want to use them for special occasions when I’m really trying to treat myself. If you do this too, then this is your reminder to take time for yourself to do a bit of self-care, and put those luxury products to good use!

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5 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bath Aesthetic In Your Bathtub

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First things first, you need to create a relaxing ambiance. Grab candles from around your home, especially your favorites. I have expensive candles that I don’t use on an everyday basis, so this is the time that I pull those out as a treat. This doesn’t just mean adding candles to the actual bath. Sometimes there isn’t enough room for a lot of candles if your bathtub edges are small like mine. You can add them around the room to really create a beautiful and spalike scene. Turn off the lights once the candles are lit to create a dim, relaxing vibe. The candles will also add a nice scent to the room which provides a relaxing atmosphere. Especially scents in lavender or eucalyptus.


A relaxing bath needs to be just above normal body temperature. Some people prefer their bath to be as hot as a hot tub, but I prefer mine to be hot, without burning. I like to sit in my bath without it feeling too unbearably hot. Your preferred bath water will be your own preference and you can set it by running the bath water and testing it on your wrist to get just the right temperature for you. The important thing is that it IS hot. A lukewarm bath will not give you the same spalike feeling with the warm sensation calming your body.


While your water is running, add a fancy bubble bath or bath oil to make your water not only smell delicious but soak into your skin for a silky smooth post-bath feeling. Adding a bubble bath under running water will create bubbles to give that fluffy bath feeling to your bath aesthetic. The more bubbles the better for me! Plus, the products that you use in your bath are going to help relax you the most. Particular scents will assist in calming both your mind and body, especially lavender, jasmine, and rose. I recommend splurging for your relaxing baths and using the best of the best on your skin during this time. You can also add rose petals or flower petals of any kind. Roses give off an aroma that is both relaxing and beautiful.


Sometimes I’m in the mood for soft jazz, Billie Holiday, or peaceful meditation music. It’s all about your intention going into your bath. If I want to calm my mind and completely relax, peaceful meditation is my choice. If I’m in the mood for a relaxing bath to celebrate a successful day or exciting moment, Billie Holiday is my favorite. The music that you choose will play a part in helping you wind down and relax your mind. Peaceful meditation is just what it sounds like and helps me go into a meditative state, even if I’m not fully meditating.

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This can be wine, sparkling water, or any drink that you love. I use this bath caddy to keep all of my favorite items, including my drink, directly in front of me as a small table for my bath. I also pull out my favorite wine glasses or drink glasses to create a more luxurious, fancy feeling no matter what drink I choose. You can add edible flowers to your drink if you really want to elevate the aesthetics, which I have done when I have them on hand!


A hot bath will detox you, but it will also make you sweat. This makes the need for water to replenish and hydrate necessary. I keep a glass of ice-cold water along with a cold compress next to me so that I can cool off as needed from the steam of the hot bath. In addition, replenishing your body with much-needed nutrients is always a good thing and water is one of the most important essentials! Hydrating should be part of your everyday shower and bath routine on a regular basis.


If you’re like me, it doesn’t matter how great your relaxing bath aesthetic may be, you’re still working or checking off to-do lists. It’s how I am wired and my brain is constantly in motion which is totally okay! If you’re like that, then you don’t have to completely shut your brain off to relax. It’s not possible. Instead, I choose to use the time to FOCUS on relaxing my mind. In these cases, I use the soft music mentioned above to help guide me toward a more relaxing mental space. Then I settle into my bath, close my eyes, and breathe deeply as I go into a more meditative state. This doesn’t mean you have to specifically meditate, but get yourself into a calm breathing state. From there I choose to think about things that inspire me for my bath and meditate on them. I choose to build my dreams, think of the happiest things in my life, and feel appreciation, using that to help me create my relaxing bath aesthetic. It’s all about finding what works for YOU.

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Skincare For Your Relaxing Bath


I threw my loofah away and bought this. I LOVE it. It is so soft and makes using body wash both easy and fun. I also love the aesthetic of it, because you know I am all about elevating my relaxing bath aesthetic.


If you want to really go all out and treat your skin to the full experience, use a body brush to dry brush your skin while the bath water fills in the rub before getting in. Here is a great read on the benefits of dry brushing.


I love this stuff. The scent is sandalwood which feels like a spa. I use it to exfoliate my skin about once a week as an added luxury to my bath routine.


Niacinamide is the main ingredient in this Necessaire body wash which is a form of vitamin B3 that helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. It helps to nourish and cleanse the skin without harmful fragrances. I do love beautiful scents, but my skin, and especially my legs can be sensitive to fragrance!


3 Ways to Feel Luxurious After Your Relaxing Bath


By luxury, I don’t mean hundreds of dollars, but spending more to have a high-quality bathrobe, soft towel, and slippers will not only elevate your post-bath experience, but it will also elevate your everyday mindset when you use them on a daily basis after showering. I’m all about adding little details to make our everyday life joyful and the best experience possible. Especially at home!


I use this Necessaire lotion after every bath for deep skin hydration. You can also use their body oil for additional hydration to your skin after the hot bath detox.


Your face needs a lot of post-bath hydration, so fill it up with the best of the best skincare products that you can put on your skin. Especially moisturizer! For my deep skin hydration, I use hyaluronic acid, eye cream, anti-aging ointment, andretinol about once a week.

Leave a comment with your favorite way to create a relaxing bath without leaving your home!

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