Our Bathroom Remodel Before and After

bathroom remodel before and after

The photos in this bathroom remodel before and after blog post are actually from years ago. I took them for another project and the edit makes the walls look more saturated. The color is a slightly more bright blue called Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams. When designing this bathroom, the idea of a navy blue bathroom with half painted walls, half tiled, sounded aesthetically pleasing to me. At the time, I didn't realize that my dad's 90's seascape painting from our beach house would fit perfectly with the theme.

These bathroom remodel before and after photos remind me how far we have come in our home renovation.

When you're in the thick of home projects, they feel like they will never end. This is our main bathroom and the second room that we finished when we first bought our home in 2014. Now, 6 years later, I am repainting the bathroom in the same color, but in a different sheen. I knew at the time that I should go with a higher gloss because of the steam from the shower. I wanted to try a more matted style of paint, so I went with satin. We have water streaks on our walls, so I am giving in to the semi-gloss finish.

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bathroom before and after
We cut out the bottom half of the wall to add white square tiles then painted the upper half. For the floor, we opted for a white mosaic floor with white grout. I love the floor tile, but I do not recommend using white grout for any bathroom especially the main hallway bath unless you have a no-shoes policy. We have dogs and even without shoes, our tile gets dirty. It took me years to figure out how to clean it where it would be bright white again. I found this tool and sing its praises to everyone I know. It is absolutely the best tile tool that I have found, but then again anything that helps me clean my white grout will get praise from me.

The bathroom felt very small and enclosed when we moved in. There was barely any natural light with a shutter on the window, and a large drop-down wall with a fluorescent light above the sink area. Needless to say, we gutted the entire bathroom including the fiberglass shower tub. You can see the grungy vibe in the photos below.

before and after bathroom
small bathroom remodel
bathroom renovation
small bathroom before and after
bathroom remodel before and after
Shower - For the shower, we did floor-to-ceiling square white tile with a cast iron tub. We found the tub on Craiglist for $60! I used a clear shower liner to bring more light into the small space and added a built-in tile shelf for storing our products. The showerhead is a cheap one, but it's been great throughout the years.
Mirror - I went with a round mirror to add a modern aspect. I chose a small one with a frameless look.
Sink & Faucet - At the time, I really wanted a pedestal sink because I wanted something that didn't make the space feel bulky. I still love the look of the sink in our bathroom, but we have NO storage. I solved this issue just recently with an IKEA wall cabinet which we will be putting up soon. Overall I am happy with the outcome and will update with small bathroom storage ideas once we have everything finished.
Toilet - This might not seem like an important part of a bathroom renovation in terms of highlighting pretty details, but I had the toilet that I wanted picked out way before we bought our home. I was in a small restaurant in the city that had a beautiful modern bathroom that I loved. I took a photo of the toilet and hunted this particular one down when we started our bathroom renovation. We have this style in both of our bathrooms and I love it.

A few more bathroom remodel before and after photos:

home before and after
bathroom remodel
home renovation projects
small bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel

We have added small bathroom storage and plants, so I will update with our final reveal once I have the new sheen on the walls!

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  1. Hello Kaytee! I appreciate your work and ideas. You have created such a beautiful. I am planning to remodel my bathroom and kitchen as well. And your blogs and ideas are very helpful in it. I like your wall paint and flooring tile also. Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas, I loved it. Keep writing!!

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    You did a great job. I am so inspired and got great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. The DIY is very well made, extremely informative and the directions are easy to follow.

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  4. Wow! It was so amazing. Love your classy bathroom. You did a fantastic job, really very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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