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Joel and I are weeks away from our yearly beach trip, but this time we have two kids. Both of which need all-new swimsuits, protective sunwear, fun beach toys, and probably a few new summer clothing pieces. I also shopped for a beach tent, but I wanted to find one that wasn’t a flashy color. I’m a neutral girl at heart and my beach trip essentials are no different. For this post, I am rounding up all of my recent Amazon beach essentials for anyone who wants an aesthetic beach day while keeping things functional and useful for a beach trip with kids.

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I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for an aesthetic neutral beach blanket with just the right texture and feel. I am SO excited that I found this blanket from Sunday Supply Co. Their oversized beach blankers are designed for outdoor use and made from 100% fast-drying cotton. It’s great for picnics too, which made it even more worth the price for several uses. I think it would be fun to use this blanket indoors too for a rainy day fort and movie night.


How cute are these silicone beach toys? Not only are they made from silicone which is a safer material than plastic, but they are also a small business brand on Amazon made and sold locally by themselves. You can shop more of their items here. One of the reasons I was shopping for ice cream beach toys specifically, is because Thea’s cousin came to a previous beach trip with an ice cream sand-making kit and Thea was obsessed. This toy set comes with BPA-free silicone and acts as a multi-purpose toy that you can use on and off the beach to help develop fine motor skills. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, they are beautifully made and come in neutral colors which I love, while also being colorful enough for a little kid to enjoy. Lastly, they come with a beach tote to carry them, yes please!


I love how beautiful and aesthetic these chairs are and they don’t have to be exclusively used on the beach. You can use them all summer on the deck and patio as well. My recommendation is to have a wagon to carry them across the beach!


I have been obsessed with this insulated water bottle all summer. I ordered mine in black which I love and I don’t know what took me so long to order an insulated bottle. It keeps your ice water chilled for hours. I am late to the game on this one, but I LOVE this bottle.


These checkered baby boy shorts are the cutest! They are perfect for swimwear on the beach, or regular wear off the beach. They come in several different color styles, but the tan checkered stood out to me. You can shop more of my baby and kid swim and summer wear finds on my Beach Day Essentials Amazon Shop.

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Crying over how beautiful and soft these towels are. They are oversized, aesthetically neutral, and made from 100% organic Turkish cotton with vegetable dyes and free from harsh chemicals. This is another small business brand on Amazon!


Last year we saw these sand proof and waterproof totes everywhere! The original tote is the Bogg Bag, but there are now several options available on Amazon in additional colors. When I first started seeing them, they were all teal blue and flashy beach colors, which is not my vibe. The Bogg Bag, however, does now come in tan and black for a more neutral look.


If you follow Lux Unfiltered, you know all about their signature lip balm. If you don’t follow them, let me tell you. Their lip balm is fragrance-free to avoid the fake-tasting perfumes in most lip balms. It contains hyaluronic acid and squalane to moisturize the lips, as well as liquid shea butter, prickly pear extract, and watermelon extract. This is a wonderful lip balm to keep on hand at the beach for extra hydration for your lips. They also recommend using it before bed as an overnight lip mask. Lux Unfiltered is also another small business brand that sells locally on Amazon.


This Salt + Stone SPF stick is tiny and fits perfectly in my purse without weighing it down. I use it as a mama on the go for daily SPF facial and hand coverage and will be taking it to the beach with us for a quick hourly application on my face. It’s cruelty-free, water-resistant, and travel-friendly. Salt + Stone is another small business Amazon brand. Shop all of their products here.


I’ve owned several pairs of these comfortable cloud sandals over the years and I can’t get enough. I wear them around the house, running errands, and definitely at the beach. They are soft, and supportive, and protect your feet against the hot pool concrete or sand.

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I’ve linked several swimsuits for mama in my Beach Day Essentials that have high-waisted bottoms and more coverage up top, especially for nursing mamas such as myself.


Our phones aren’t loud enough over the ocean waves, so having a portable speaker that is also waterproof is definitely one of my beach day essentials.


Both of my kids have my eyes which are blue and naturally sensitive to the sun. I bought this two-pack for my kids with the bands around the beach to hold them in place while they are playing and moving around on the beach.


I wanted to list this tote in addition to the rubber sand proof tote from earlier because how stylish is this black tote?! I love it!


This is a baby beach must-have. This will be used on our stroller walking around shopping as well as at the beach by the water. I want to keep the baby cool, especially when he is sleeping.

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This is an alternative tote that comes with a cooler feature at the bottom. It fits small items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, and a book on top with the food cooler on the bottom.


As I’ve reached my 30s, I care more about protecting my skin and having great-feeling skin than getting the perfect facial tan.


Everyone at the beach has this beach tent or the Shibumi tent which was too flashy in color for me. I bought this one because it had a white option, which I prefer because I love when everything is a vibe especially neutral!

How do you pack for a perfect beach day?

  1. PICTURE YOURSELF CARRYING THE ITEMS ACROSS THE BEACH: Yes, you read that correctly. One thing is for sure when you picture a perfect beach day, you don’t want to picture yourself struggling through the hot desert-like sand with a ton of heavy items on your back. Yes, I have linked a lot of items in this post, but I’ve only linked ten essentials! You really only need one quality tote, sand toys if you have kids, sunscreen, lip hydration if you’re anything like me and die without, beach chairs for relaxation, a tent for additional sun protection, a fan if you’re breastfeeding a baby, and a speaker for the beach if you want to listen to music. If you don’t have kids or will be by yourself, you can skip the speaker if you do headphones instead, but for us as parents, we can’t block out our ears with headphones so a speaker is a necessity if we want to enjoy music.
  2. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Is this obvious? I hope so, but I will say it again, even if you want a deep tan, there are ways to protect your skin and still get a tan while doing so. Give your skin the hydration that it needs and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  3. SUN HAT & SUNGLASSES: In addition to sunscreen, I wear a hat and sunglasses to protect both my face, which is the most sensitive skin on your body, and my eyes which are blue and also very sensitive.
  4. BEACH TOWELS: Beach towels are soft and oversized to give you maximum comfort for a relaxing perfect beach day.
  5. INSULATED WATER BOTTLE: An insulated water bottle with ice water is one of the most refreshing things that you can carry with you on the beach and is also one of the most important to keep yourself hydrated while soaking in the hot sun.

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