My Top 5 Reasons Why the Ooni Is the Best Backyard Pizza Oven

ooni pizza oven

With the summer coming to an end and temperatures cooling off again, I thought it would be the perfect time to hype up my favorite backyard pizza oven of all time, the Ooni Oven. Joel and I haven’t been using it as much through the summer, because it’s too hot outside to spend a lot of time out there. We do, however, spend many of our nights in the spring, late summer, and all of the fall cooking in our Ooni pizza oven. If you remember my post about our Ooni Oven from last fall, then you know that I love this oven. If you aren’t familiar, read the post and come back, OR take my word for how much it has changed the way that we make pizzas at home. We were looking for a way to make high-quality pizzas at home without taking the time or money to build an outdoor oven.

We came across the Ooni Oven and not only did we absolutely love the taste of the pizzas from it, we got to experience the ease of using it as a backyard pizza oven.

There is a bit of a learning curve when just starting out with the oven, but as with any great tool, you become a master and we have definitely mastered the art of making pizzas in our Ooni Pizza Oven. We have the 12′ Karu Multi-Fuel oven.

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ooni pizza oven
best pizza oven
backyard pizza oven

5 Reasons Why the Ooni Oven Changes Everything As a Backyard Pizza Oven

1. You Don’t Have to Build An Expensive Oven. As I mentioned earlier, Joel and have other things on our list right now than building a pizza oven in our backyard. We are considering the idea in the distant future when we build a patio, but for now, it’s not on the list. In the meantime, I REALLY wanted a great way to make pizzas at home. Finding a pizza oven had been on my list, and I happened to come across the Ooni pizza oven at a friend’s house. I was immediately both intrigued and sold at the same time. This oven really gives you the benefit of outdoor wood-fired pizza, without having to build an expensive addition to your home.

2. You Can Move It Around. We made our own table to set the Ooni on, but it’s light enough that we can move it around when needed. We even travel with it! We don’t carry it around often to protect it, but it is easily portable to take to a friend’s house for the occasional pizza night with friends or if you’re going on vacation somewhere that you are driving and can take it with you. We’ve done both!

3. It Can Be Used With Wood or Propane. I value the fact that we got the multi-fuel oven, which means that we can use wood or propane hook up. The wood option is a lot of work with someone needing to man the oven, but it is a cheaper option and gives off a delicious wood-fired flavor. While the propane is a bit easier to maintain the flames without changing the flavor. I recommend the multi-fuel!

Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel
Pizza Oven


backyard pizza oven

4. A Backyard Pizza Oven Is Better Than Your Average Indoor Pizza Oven. Trust me, we tried this method for a long time before we got our Ooni. You just can’t get the same flavor or cook in a regular oven that you can with the Ooni. We finally caved for the Ooni and will never go back! Funny enough, I actually refuse to make pizzas in our regular oven when it’s raining and we can’t use the Ooni. I’ll wait.

5. It’s Something To Do Together As a Family. Making pizzas in this oven is an experience. It’s quick, but there is an art to getting any pizza dough just right, adding the toppings, and heating it up in the oven. It’s a great way to create a family night once a week or a few times a month because there is a job for everyone to do. I typically get the dough and toppings ready while Joel takes care of manning the oven and getting the pizzas ready. If we have friends over, the guys grab a beer and help with the oven, while Thea and I help the ladies prep dough and toppings.

backyard pizza oven
backyard pizza oven

Ooni Karu 12
Essentials Bundle


backyard pizza oven

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