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I made this post about refrigerator organization a few years ago, and now I am back to revamp our fridge again. I am happy with our previous organization and the storage containers that we purchased, but I’ve been diving more and more into the aesthetics of our home and I want even our refrigerator to match that. This post features not only my favorite Amazon refrigerator organization finds, but tips on how to make both an aesthetic and organized fridge.

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Is it worth it to organize a fridge?

Fridge organization can provide many benefits from keeping your food fresher for longer, and eating healthier, to making your space a more beautiful and appealing place for you to enjoy cooking. It also gives you more visibility into the items that you have and how much you have left of them. You can restock the items necessary, and use up what you have. This saves money too from constantly buying replacements that you already have plenty of from a lack of being able to see the items currently in your fridge. Maintaining a clean fridge will also improve the overall air quality in your fridge, keeping both you and your food in healthy condition.

How can I make my fridge look organized?

First, clean and declutter your current setup. Empty your fridge and give it a thorough cleaning. Remove any expired or spoiled items and wipe down the shelves and drawers. Next, categorize your food items by grouping similar items together, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, condiments, etc. This will make it easier to find what you need and create a more organized look. Then use clear containers to help keep your fridge tidy and make it easier to locate specific items. They also help prevent spills and keep your food fresh for longer. If you swap out produce bags for reusable storage bins, it keeps your produce healthier for longer, as well as helps you keep track of everything you have easily with the reduction of bags thrown in a drawer together.

How should a fridge be organized?

While functionality is key, arranging items in an aesthetically pleasing way can make your fridge look even more organized. Consider arranging items by color or creating visually appealing patterns.

How do I organize my fridge to maximize space?

Maintain a “first in, first out” system to minimize food waste. This means placing newer items behind older ones, ensuring that older items are used first. Also, arrange items properly by keeping frequently used items within easy reach and at eye level. Place taller items at the back of shelves to avoid blocking visibility. Reserve the door shelves for condiments, dressings, and other small bottles.

What are the best items for fridge organization?

Glass containers are the best option for storing your food and keeping it organized. You can use baskets and bins to organize items such as yogurt containers, drinks, and smaller items that need to be collected to stay organized.

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This ceramic egg hold for the refrigerator also comes in white. We have this in our fridge and it not only makes our fridge more aesthetic without the brown egg carton that they usually come in, it makes it easier to grab. Before when we had the egg carton, it was flimsy and easy to drop, especially when it was slightly moist from the fridge condensation. The eggs sit on top of the holder and we grab the eggs that we need without having to take every single egg out risking the drop.


We have these in different shapes and sizes and I love that they are glass instead of storing our food in plastic. It’s both aesthetic, healthier, and practical.


These glass bottles are great for filling up with milk, water, or other drinks that you keep in your fridge on a weekly basis. They eliminate the ugly cartons and store your food in a healthy way using glass products. I love using items such as these to refresh my fridge after a grocery run.


If you keep glass water bottles such as these filled and stocked in your fridge, you will never run out of healthy water options and avoid the use of plastic which is both unhealthy and unattractive in a clean and organized fridge.


Wire baskets are useful for storing smaller random items that you want to collect for a cleaner look. They are great for placing silicone food bags in to keep them organized and upright.


We have berry baskets and love them! I recommend ceramic because the alternatives collect stains quickly and with berries having a quick expiration I prefer a material that is ultra easy to clean and sanitize.


These pouches are the alternative to plastic bags. They are leakproof, easy to use, and reusable which makes them eco-friendly and cost-effective as well as healthier than plastic.


Not only is this pitcher aesthetic, but it also makes it easy to keep filtered and fresh water in your fridge for a tall glass of ice-cold water any time of the day. I buy the replacement filters on Amazon as well.


Of course, anything by W&P Porter is aesthetic, but they are great for other reasons as well. These bowl containers can be used for lunch bowls or food storage in the fridge. They are spill and leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and made with BPA-free glass. You can use them to store other things such as herbs in a small amount of water placed in the fridge as well.


These containers can be used for to-go lunch bowls as well as leftover food storage at home.


This glass cup has many uses from keeping your wine chilled or serving as an herb jar for the fridge, to storing leftover soap and other food in the fridge.


This glass food storage set is a bit of an investment, but that is what our food storage should be. We SHOULD be investing in our food storage and moving away from plastic just because it’s cheap. This set comes in fourteen pieces, is non-toxic, and is easy to use for storing leftovers in your fridge. Plus, they are aesthetic and make your fridge look better than mix-and-match plastic bins.


We started using a produce box for our greens and it makes life so much easier. We wash and dry our produce once, then place it in the fridge and we use it faster than when we allow our produce to sit in the plastic bag that it comes in, where we have to wash and dry it for every use. It overall takes way longer to do that way instead of doing food prep ahead of time and making it easy to grab for each meal.


How cute are these dressing containers? Honestly, I am constantly needing small dressing containers for my lunches, even at home. I make all of my own dressing, but I don’t always make huge batches because there are certain dressings that I am the only one that eats in our house such as caesar. These would be great if you need to-go containers for lunches etc too.


These silicone ice trays are larger than regular ice which makes for nice cocktail drinks, but they can also be used for food storage such as soup, broth, etc. They make great portions to thaw only the amount that you need.


These silicone bags are similar to the ones mentioned above, but they are taller and black, which I love.


I recently discovered insulated water bottles, I’m late, I know, but I am obsessed. I love that this one is tall and compact, and would fit beautifully inside of your organized fridge.


This drink can dispenser is a MUST for fridge organization. We have been using one for years not and it’s SO MUCH easier to use than storing the cardboard box that the drink cans come in. We store sparkling water in our fridge and this dispenser makes it easy to grab for a quick drink with my lunch.

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