25 Days of Christmas Activity Calendar to Slow Down and Make Memories This Season

Christmas Activities

I have been working my way through this Christmas Activity Calendar this month, but this post is better late than never! We made gingerbread cookies, DIY ornaments, and made the house smell like Christmas. I wanted to get the ideas that I had for this activity calendar down on paper and into this felt calendar that I have. This post is for anyone that wants to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the season without feeling overwhelmed by all of the activities you can do in a season.

Since we are halfway through to Christmas, this is more of a 12 Days of Christmas Activity Calendar this year.

I completed the full 25 days Christmas Activity Calendar for anyone that wants to start from the beginning of next year. These activities can be done as a couple, by yourself, or with your kids. I do a little bit of each. Some of the activities Joel and I do as date nights, some of them I do alone when Joel is working or Thea is sleeping. Others I can do with Thea and it's fun to start making our own traditions for her childhood.

Christmas Activity Calendar
Artifact Uprising holiday cards

Putting these Christmas activity ideas into a calendar feels like taking a breather. I am allowing myself to focus on ONE item per day. There are so many things to do at Christmas time that having them in my head feels like a very long list that I may never get through. This calendar allows me to be intentional about creating memories each day without feeling behind.

The activities selected in this calendar are very intentional for our family. I wanted to create ideas that had meaning behind them. I love Christmas music and the smell of Christmas, but I wanted to add activities that felt selfless. Thea will take these traditions and make them her own one day. I want to give her meaning behind Christmas in addition to giving or receiving gifts with love.

If you have traditions that you would like to incorporate you can swap them out to make your own!

12 Days of Christmas Ideas
12 Days of Christmas Ideas For Kids

You Will Need:

  • Calendar with pockets
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Printer
  • Cardstock
  • Peppermint Mocha or Choice of Holiday Drink

How to Print the Activity Cards:

  1. I recommend printing these cards on 8.5x11 sheets of cardstock OR you can use regular computer paper. Printing them on cardstock makes them a little bit sturdier when sliding them into the pockets of the calendar. You will need to print them on two separate sheets.
  2. Once you have printed out the cards, you can cut them by either using a pair of scissors or a paper cutter. I keep a cutter on hand to make it easier for projects that I do such as this one.
  3. Finish cutting each square individually, then place them in the corresponding pockets of the calendar.
  4. Complete one activity per day, take photos, make memories, and have fun this holiday season.

For a full tutorial on how I made this advent calendar

click here!

Artifact Uprising holiday cards
Christmas Activities For Toddlers


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