Cute Amazon Finds For Preschool

Today I'm sharing all of my cute Amazon finds for preschool, because this is my first official year of getting into the "back to school" vibes since. Thea is officially starting her first year of preschool next month. However, the thing about preschool is, that there isn't much to buy! I'm ready for backpacks, lunch boxes, spiral notebooks, markers, and composition books! She doesn't need any of that and her preschool supplies list consists of mostly just the essentials such as tissue boxes for the classroom to share. I had to get creative so that I can fully enjoy this year of preschool back-to-school vibes.

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Cute Amazon Finds For Preschool


This is one of my cute Amazon finds! This linen bulletin board fits the aesthetic of our home and is a cute way to hang Thea's new school creations!


Thea's short preschool supplies list consists of a pack of wipes for the classroom to share, so I added these to my list to help me remember to put them in my cart!


Those are the exact words that I typed in to find these because with fall approaching along with the new school year, I will need to trade up her flip flops from the summer. These are easy to slide on while acting as a sneaker for running support. How cute are they?!


Since Thea won't be needing an actual lunch that requires a lunch bag, reusable silicone snack bags are the next best thing! These snack bags avoid plastic and allow for reuse, which saves money in the long run in addition to being environmentally healthy.


Same as above, but in a larger size for larger snack items!


Thea won't be learning handwriting this year in school, but they do start learning between four and five which is only one year away. This is a cute stencil board to start practicing at home to prepare and help guide her for the school years ahead.


This is another one of my cute Amazon finds when it comes to clothes for Thea. I've started eyeing the kid's fall clothes since she will be needing a wardrobe upgrade from both turning three and the summer coming to an end!


They didn't mention a water bottle on her supply list, but I am assuming she will need one, especially with her snack. I recently switched us over to insulated bottles and have loved the difference between plastic! They keep our water colder for so much longer. I also made sure to find one that was specifically spillproof for her being a toddler at school.


This is the one item actually not on Amazon, but I wanted to link it because it's one of the most important! I ordered this with Thea's name on it because it's both cute and functional. Her school list requires a tote bag instead of a backpack this year because they won't be carrying actual books or preschool supplies. I thought we would personalize her tote and make it cute! I ordered it in the fresh pink as pictured.

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