How to Create a Vision Board That Instantly Inspires You With a Fresh Perspective

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A few years ago I took a vision board workshop. My mom had created vision boards when I was growing up to keep our family inspired, but it was something that I had never done before for myself.

I didn’t realize how inspiring creating a vision board can be.

When the workshop was over, I walked away with a fresh perspective. It felt therapeutic as if I had just meditated while simultaneously manifesting a new vision into my life. We used magazines to find visuals that we clipped and glued to a canvas board. The workshop centered around finding elements that resonated with us at that moment for our vision board. At the time, I didn't have a theme in mind other than choosing what I loved about the photos in the magazines that I was given. Who knew that I would unknowingly create a vision board entirely representing the style of home and lifestyle that I want to live in my own home.

The vision board below is the board that I created at the workshop years ago. I have kept it in my creative space all these years to stay inspired. You can see I have a recurring theme and similar style between the two boards in this post.

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Why does creating a vision board inspire you?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a visual person. Having a visual is essential in my everyday decision making and even more essential in the dreams that I have for my life. Without vision, you can’t see where you are going. There was no pun intended there, it just happened.

Creating vision in your life gives you clear insight into exactly where you are going. If you want your home to look a certain way, you have to see the ideas before you can start buying items to furnish it. If you try to furnish your home without having a vision, you’re going to be returning a lot in trial and error.

Vision boards are fun to create and give a fresh perspective with confidence to pursue the life that you want.

The items on my board are a constant reminder of where I want to focus my mind for the year. The photos give me joy every time I see them because I have filled the board with things that excite me.

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You create your own reality and the life that you experience. That makes vision the NUMBER one aspect to manifesting good things into your life. I like to think of our vision as the roadmap for our reality. If you focus on negative energy, you create negative energy in your life. If you focus on positivity, you will create more of that frequency in your life. The story that you tell yourself on a daily basis creates the story for your life. If you constantly see yourself in a job that you hate, even if you really are in a job that you hate, you will not change your circumstances by continuing to see it the same way over and over. You have to create a new vision with a fresh perspective to bring change into your reality.

You can create a vision board at any time in your life. I specifically created the board in this post for the New Year because we just hit 2021. Creating a vision board at the start of a new year feels like a book with blank pages that you can fill with beautiful pictures. You can tell any story that you want to tell. There is endless potential for the dreams that you create on the pages.

Items You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Magazines or photos
  • Printer/paper
  • Blank Canvas, bulletin board, or foam board
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How to Create Your Vision Board For Manifesting:

Meditative Breathing - I like to start all vision-related exercises with a deep calming, meditative breath. This gives me a centered start to open my mind and body to receive ideas coming to me.

Write Down Your Intentions - Write down the goals that you have for this year. The goals you set here are meant to help you grow into who you want to be. If there were no limits to your desires, what would you ask God and the universe for? What do you want to bring into your life?

Focus On Words For the Year - What words revolve around the goals and desires that you wrote down? These words will be dispersed throughout your board as reminders to focus on them as you go through your daily activities.

Write Down Affirmations - Here you will write down any affirmations that you want to include. If you need ideas to help you brainstorm, I love this list.

Collect Visuals - For words and affirmations, I recommend using Canva or a word document to type and print them off. I printed the words on my board such as WELLNESS in a font and color that inspired me. I also found words in the magazines that I used. Print words that you want front and center in a larger font than the rest. Next, start clipping photos from magazines or print photos from your computer. You need to find visuals for your board that represent the items that you wrote down. I recommend requesting catalogs from your favorite places. Home catalogs have a surprising amount of words and photos that inspire besides just home ideas. I love looking through Anthropologie's catalogs for vision board ideas since the brand itself inspires me. As I mentioned earlier, I selected photos that resonated with me at that moment. There doesn't have to be a specific reason. I choose things that excite me.

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Arrange Your Clippings - Position your items on the board without gluing. I like to arrange my items to see how the board flows. This is the creative part. You can spend as much or as little time here as you want.

Glue Them Down - Once you have decided on the placement of the items, you can start gluing one by one. I recommend using a piece of printer paper to lay the items down on when you are applying the glue. Be sure to also get the edges of the photos/words as they tend to curl up.

Let It Dry - After all of the papers have been glued, it's time to let it dry. It typically only takes about an hour or so, then it's ready to be put on display.

Display Your Board - Choose a favorite room or space to place your board. This should be somewhere that you walk by every day. For me, this space is in my creative studio. I keep it nestled on a bookshelf that I face when I am sitting at my desk.

Look At It Every Day - Every time you walk by your board, look at it, smile, feel it. Put peaceful vibes around it even if you are having an off day. Remember, you create your energy, so every time you see your board you should create the energy that YOU want to feel when you see it.

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For my vision board, I included:

  • Drink more water
  • Live my daily dream life
  • Focus on motherhood because it's important to me
  • Create my dream home
  • Be creative at home
  • Give my dogs their best life, always
  • Inspire other women to live their most peaceful, inspired life
  • Meditate and find my center
  • Slow living
  • Less internet connectivity
  • Manifest the outcome of my life
  • Self-care & Wellness
  • Positivity

I have a few more visuals to add to my board for my list, but I wanted to get the inspiration going for anyone that wants to create a new vision in their life for the new year. These boards are about shedding old mindsets to make space for a new you.

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Be sure to also read 5 Ways to Elevate Your Mindset. Leave a comment with something that is inspiring you in your life right now.

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