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modern sofa sectional

Finding a modern sofa that fit our living and wasn’t crazy expensive was a doozy! Our living room was one long rectangle when we first moved in. There weren’t a lot of creative ways to use the space, and I was bummed for a while about how to turn it into a modern living area that felt cozy and welcoming. If you haven’t already seen our living room before, here is the link. I am a visual person, so I started doing research on sectionals and decor that we could fit into the space to get an idea of how to make it all work together.

We finally found the perfect Modern Sofa when we found the Feathers Sectional.

We had to make room for the sectional, so we started with the fireplace and added the art TV to create an aesthetic look. We eliminated the need for a console by adding the art TV, which freed up a ton of space and made more room for the feathers sectional.

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modern feathers sectional

Our Experience Purchasing the Feathers Sectional

How did we know if the sectional would be quality?Well, we didn’t. I watched as many Instagram Reels and read as many articles to find reviews from people as I could. There wasn’t much at the time of my research. I wasn’t looking at this sofa for the price point, although that was a huge factor. I honestly hadn’t found a more perfect modern sofa than the Valyou Feathers Sectional. The price point made it even more appealing, so we ultimately bought it. I am so glad we did! I am honestly so happy with the style and it really is comfortable.

How did the purchasing process go? I want to insert a “ha ha” here because I would say where we saved in price, we made up the hassle of sizing and piecing the sectional together to fit our living room. Valyou technically doesn’t sell a “sectional” and we wanted an L-style sofa. We purchased the 142-inch sofa and from there we had to get detailed and creative. We wanted all of the cushions to line up in the L corner, so we measured and put down blue tape. We had to estimate some of the measurements because not every single dimension was listed for what we needed. Along with the long sofa, we added a corner piece and a single chair as well. It was a risk piecing together all of the parts online not knowing if they would all line up together, BUT WE DID IT! All of the cushions line up and fit perfectly. However, read below for a few downsides to the sofa and sectional that we created.

modern val you sectional sofa
modern sectional sofa
modern sofa

The Downsides to the Feathers Sectional


The clips under the sofa that connect all of the pieces together line up and fit great for the longest 142-inch piece. However, purchasing the corner piece and single chair that are SUPPOSED to have clips to connect together, were poorly made. The clips do not align at all, and come undone constantly. We eventually gave up connecting them because they are a pain to try to align yourself and hurt your hand in the process. We eventually added a rug to the space so the chairs are no longer on bare flooring, but it’s still a pain that they were not manufactured correctly. However, you get what you pay for and if misaligned clips are my biggest problem, I’m good with it.


I mentioned earlier that Valyou does not actually sell a sectional. Well, the problem this creates is that there is no actual “back pillow” where the L begins. We totally get around this by placing two of the throw pillows there that come with the sofa, but from behind it’s noticeable. I can tell you if you asked any of my friends, they would have no idea what I was talking about because we are the only ones that know it and notice. It’s only noticeable if you know that it’s there. It’s not enough of a reason to not buy this sofa or piece together a sectional with it.

modern couch

Benefits of the Feathers Sectional


We purchased a white couch, which would not have been done if it wasn’t washable. The cushions can all be removed and washed. I’ve done it several times and can say it’s a great feature and totally works. I have two dogs that love to sneak onto our couch with mud feet on occasion when we are home and throwing them in the laundry has worked every time. Chalk is harder to get out and took several washes because I didn’t want to use any spot cleaner, just FYI. The sides of the couch are not washable!


One of the Instagram reels that I saw made a note that the cushions needed to be fluffed regularly to maintain their shape. I am glad they noted that because I might not have thought to do that. They mentioned having to do it daily which hasn’t been my experience, but it depends on how often we are sitting on it. I give them a nice fluff and they are back to new.

sofa sectional living room

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