10 Modern Halloween Decor Scenes To Decorate Your Frame TV This Fall

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It’s only the second day of September, but Joel and I are already choosing Halloween decor for our frame tv. We are getting into the spirit early this year. One of the reasons is that Thea is super into anything that gives a spooky Halloween vibe. She wants to be a bat for Halloween this year as her costume, so we picked out several spooky bat scenes for our frame tv. Whether you’re more into cute fall scenes or spooky Halloween vibes, there are lots of options on Etsy from graphic designers and artists! We have had fun picking a scene for every season.

We chose a spooky bat scene to give our Frame TV a little Halloween decor this fall.

If you are looking for more modern fall and Halloween decor to decorate your home this season, I also did this post on fall decor that isn’t basic! I have been curating our collection over the years because I love fall, but I don’t want my home to suddenly turn into a different style and feel like I throw basic pumpkins everywhere. I want tasteful, aesthetic fall and Halloween decor that gives me all the feels of the season without changing the overall feel of my home.

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Frame TV Art For Your Halloween Decor This Fall


I love the lineup of pumpkins that resemble gourds more than pumpkins, which are my favorite! Follow by the almost jet black background to make the pumpkins pop.


I love gourds and this pile of pumpkin-style gourds is just beautiful! This is the perfect scene if you aren’t quite ready to dive fully into Halloween decor and want to transition to some warm fall earthy tones before decorating for Halloween in October. This is a great September Fall scene.


This one almost looks unreal! It looks just like the bats that we put on our house every Halloween. This is our top pick and the scene that we chose to feature on our frame tv for the time being. We still have so much of the season left since we set this scene so early. We may switch it out to one of the other suggestions on this list because there are so many fun ones!


If I change our scene, I will most likely switch it out to this one. I love the neutral background with the spooky white ghosts.


If you’re looking for cute Halloween decor, this cute ghost is the Halloween decor scene for your Frame TV! This is another great one that I would choose for Thea.


This one is silly, fun, and a little more light-hearted yet still giving all of the Halloween vibes.


This one is a little more haunting, but still modern and cool. If I was going with an all-bat Halloween decor scene, I would have chosen this one as my next choice to the one that we chose with the white background!


I love that this one had a black modern background to pop along with the silly ghosts. This would work well in our living room against the stark white fireplace! I chose this one for the mix because of the contrast it gives between the white ghosts and the black matte background.


I wish I could choose them all for our frame tv, although I could put them on rotation! Thea is very into bats and ghosts this season, so this one really stood out to me. The ghosts are cute without being too spooky, and the bats add something extra to the Halloween scene!


This is a great option if you prefer a spookier season! Joel and I go back and forth between modern, edgy Halloween decor and cute for Thea! She is actually into some of the more spooky Halloween decor, surprisingly, and not something we taught her!

modern halloween decorations

How to Install Art On Your Frame TV

We use the app to install art on our frame tv. It’s quick and easy for us. I download the art from Etsy, save the file to the photos on my phone, then proceed in the app to set it. I also adjust the warmth and brightness as desired, depending on the scene. For our spooky bat scene, the background is very white, so I chose the coolest setting to maintain the white background on the scale of warm to cool options in the app. Altogether, it takes about a minute to set the scene each time. The app is our only option because of how we have the tv mounted to cover the connect box.

How to Choose Art For Your Frame TV With Your Frame

We kept the original frame that comes with the tv, so really it’s frameless because it fit the modern aesthetic of our living room. While I don’t think you can go too wrong with any frame tv art and frame combination because it really all pairs so well together, If you have a beige frame or another color, I would consider choosing a Halloween decor scene that matches with the style and aesthetic that you are going for in your living room. This will help you maintain a certain aesthetic. For example, our living room is extremely modern, so I went with an all-black and white scene that fit the living room decor style that I had in mind. However, I might change it up at some point during the fall season, and any one of these scenes would fit in perfectly with our living room style! That is something that I love about the frame tv so much, it’s so modern that you really can’t go wrong when choosing an aesthetic scene to act as a centerpiece of art in the room.

Are you more into a spooky or cute vibe for Halloween? Leave a comment below!

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