Our Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

Now that the living room renovation is complete, it’s finally time to think of our living room decor and gather ideas to bring the entire room together! If you have followed along with this room, then you know how far we have come in this home renovation project. I originally had no idea how I wanted to design or decorate the room. Styling a room is an entire project (and budget) within itself. I’m not naturally an interior designer, but thankfully Pinterest, as always, allowed me to pull ideas together that felt right.

Once the room itself was finished, my ideas for our living room decor started to come together.

As I mentioned in my Living Room Reveal blog post, this room has seen many phases over the full renovation. I think it took us to renovate the room several different ways until I finally saw it coming together and got a true vision of how I wanted the room to look and how I wanted to decorate it. It’s the first room that you see when you walk through our front door, so I put a lot of pressure on this room with zero to little vision for the longest time!

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Modern Living Room Ideas


Now that we have our sectional sofa in place, it’s easy to imagine the room with all of the other furniture and living room decor that we want to put in. It was important to me that we got a sectional after years of trying to figure out how to shape the room. The room is a long rectangle, so it makes sofa options limited in how you can place furniture around the room. We actually knocked out a section in the wall to make this sofa fit. We decided that BEFORE we bought it, ha! There was a giant blank wall that did nothing for the room aesthetically, so we opened up a section of the wall that connects to the kitchen to give it a more open feel and it gave us the extra room that we needed to have a sectional sofa. The sofa divides the room in a way that makes sense now, which we love.


I am in love with this coffee table! I wanted a concrete coffee table piece to bring the modern living room decor together, and when I found this one I was sold. I haven’t measured the area where it will go in front of the sectional, but there is enough room to center it in the room if needed.


We have the perfect space for a side table where the couch ends next to the fireplace. I want to get this accent table from the Leanne Ford Collection with Crate & Barrel. This is another concrete-style furniture piece to accent the room. It’s a lot of white and concrete, but the decor pieces that I am adding throughout the room will bring back warmth and coziness!

ducaroy fireside chair


I had so many hopes and dreams for this fireside chair. I’ve sat in them out before and they are SO comfortable. They are both aesthetic and extremely functional. Joel loves to pull up a chair next to the fire, so the name would be literal for us. However, now that the couch is in, the space is looking too tight to fit in the additional chair. I am so bummed, but I will definitely find another space in the house to put one of these.


I haven’t settled on THE rug for the living room, but this is the style that I want. I’ve been eyeing CB2 rugs and love their collection. I want a beige or white soft wool rug, but with two dogs and two kids, I have to consider how easy they are to clean before purchasing.


I’m contemplating the idea of putting open shelves next to one side of the fireplace with stacked art on the opposite side. I want to have the option to put books and style the shelves with decor. However, our fireplace width does not come out very far, so it will come down to how off it looks with how far the shelves come out. Open shelves are to be determined.


I LOVE this vinyl player. We had one, but I finally got rid of it because it was not the aesthetic that I was going for. I thought giving it away would inspire and force me to get a new one, but it’s been years so and I have yet to buy one. We have a lot of records, including ones on display in our music room, so having both a quality and an aesthetic vinyl player is essential to our living room. I want to have jazz on for Sunday Supper and play Billie Holiday any time of day or something fun such as Bleachers in the evenings.


There is a space between the back of the couch and the foyer that has the perfect spot for a runner to divide the room and add a cozy feel when people walk in the door. I want to get something similar to this one that I found at CB2 and add a rustic wood table with it behind the couch with books and bowls. I have found that the more pieces you can layer, especially using rugs, pillows, and throw blankets, the more your living room design will really come together into a cozy space.


These clear jugs are so beautiful! I love how oddly shaped they are. These would fit beautifully on the fireplace hearth as an accent or in the corner under the stacked art. I want to find a place for them in the living room.


I used to not be that into curtains, but I’ve realized how important they are when desiging living room decor and how cozy they make the room feel. I’ve noticed that rooms that feel very styled and welcoming have curtains. We have started adding them around the house and placing them up to give the room an elevated, taller look. I found these curtains with this curtain rod and these hooks.


With my idea to place stacked art to the left of our modern fireplace, I want to highlight the art and bring warmth to the areas around the fireplace with art lights. I found these to try, they were harder to find than you would think!


I picked this coverlet out by Parachute Home to throw across the sofa as an accent piece for the fall and winter to make it feel cozy and inviting. We will most likely spend most of our time here, so it will be functional as well because I always need a blanket when laying down to watch movies!


Saint Laurent puts their fashion show soundtracks on vinyl. You can listen to them on Spotify to find the one that you love. I love that this typical black vinyl has a clear casing which makes it feel very modern. This is something to be put on display and I will absolutely pull it out to play.


I have been putting together a collection of coffee table books and decor that I want to get for both our pending open shelves and coffee table books. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to choose books that I would actually flip through, so I am very intentional about the books that I pick out.

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  1. Kaytee, I appreciate your living room decor ideas. I liked the curtains & art lights the most. Thanks for including the buying sources.

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  2. Your tips on living room decor are fantastic. I particularly appreciate the idea of incorporating indoor plants to bring a touch of nature into the room. It adds a refreshing and invigorating vibe to the space.

    Posted 12.1.23Reply