7 Modern Fall Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Festive Cozy Look This Season

It’s no secret since my previous post last year on Modern Fall Decor Ideas That Aren’t Basic, that I am not a fan of cheesy Halloween decor. However, I am a HUGE fan of fall and Halloween. I have made it a goal of mine each year to improve and add to our modern fall decor ideas to make them fit the aesthetic of our home. I want our home to transition each season flawlessly and maintain the modern look that we have worked hard to create. Any decor pieces that we use to decorate will elevate our home and make it festive for the season, without feeling like all of our style went out the window. It’s a challenge, but I still am a sucker for cute Halloween decor! I’ve learned that it doesn’t last over the years in my home, and I’ve stopped buying it to replace it with more tasteful pieces that feel timeless, fit our aesthetic, and will stay with us costing us less over time.

These are my modern fall decor ideas to give your home a taste of the season for a cozy fall aesthetic.

Whether you’re shopping for a completely monochrome fall home decor look, or prefer pops of neutral tones, I’ve collected ideas in all areas to give you a complete guide for modern fall home decor ideas. I have included some of our own favorite pieces such as our spooky bats that we place by the fireplace and front door, along with a few new pieces that I found for this season. All of the items that I found are from high-quality places to give you decor that will last through the years of decorating.

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What Makes Modern Fall Decor?


This doesn’t mean everything has to be tan, white, or black. I love splashes of color, but I prefer any color that I do use to be more muted and paired with black as a contrast. If I am using orange for fall decor, I look for soft burnt orange tones or softer orange tones than the bright colors that you typically see in fall and Halloween decor.


One of the coziest ways to make your home feel like fall is to embrace natural elements such as wood accents and brown color palettes. Wood naturally makes you think of fireplaces, cozy nights by the fire, and overall slowing down with a feeling of being at home. Natural elements draw people in and make them feel relaxed to stay a while. This is great for your fall gatherings and for making your guests feel at home.


You can have an endless amount of cozy candles to make your home feel like fall. Not only do they make your home smell like fall, but they can also be used as an aesthetic modern fall home decor to place around your home for a festive touch. I did an entire post on some of my favorite fall candles!


You can intertwine fall and Halloween decor by using black accents to act as a contrast to the rest of your home. Not only are black accents modern and stylish, but they are also easily transitioned from your everyday home decor to fall and Halloween. These elements can be in the form of taper candles and napkins that you use on your dining table, to a set of aesthetic matches placed by your favorite fall candle on a modern tray to feel decorated and stylishly placed. I love this modern tray to use for candles and matches. You can also place a black candle care kit for a detailed touch as well.


Unique textures can be used to create a modern fall decor look by adding a unique element to your home. This doesn’t just have to be in the form of your typical textures such as a cozy throw blanket or pillows. Unique textures can be found in special art that you choose for the reason with a bit more to it than a flat surface, or taper candles for your table with a twisted look. You can find textures with a unique look anywhere when thinking outside the box!


Typically you don’t think of white for fall. You think of warm colors for the changing leaves of the season. However, for us, a modern home comes in colors of black and white, so our fall decor follows suit! You can choose simple white accents that feel modern without overdoing it on the white, or go completely white if you want a monochrome fall color palette! Crate & Barrel has beautiful white fall decor pieces, you can shop their collection here.


This is where all of the elements that we have mentioned come together to help you make the coziest fall home of the season. You can decorate for fall using the first sense, your sight, to bring in a color palette that feels warm and welcoming, without changing your home’s color palette. If you prefer plush tones or variations of tans, those work as well. The second sense is your hearing. I keep jazz softly in the background for a relaxing ambiance. You can try different types of jazz or any playlist that feels good to you. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do while pouring my coffee is put on our favorite jazz. It’s a nice way to start the morning, take in the slow season, and wake up slowly while getting a productive start to the day. The third sense is your touch. Your cozy textures such as pillows and blankets will come in best here. The fourth sense is your sense of smell, which is an obvious one. Your fall candles will come into play here and you can get oil diffusers or any deliciously smelling fall scents. I recommend looking for non-toxic options as a natural way to make your home smell like fall! And lastly, your sense of taste. This is where you bowl fillers come in such as faux pumpkins, but you can think outside the box with other elements as well such as pears. You could have a fresh batch of fall cookies ready occasionally when having guests over if you love to bake. All of these ideas are really up to your interpretation!

Leave a comment below with your favorite color palette for the fall season! Are you more into black and white or pops of neutral fall colors?

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