Our Modern Living Room Reveal & How Long It Took Us to Create This Room

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This modern living room has been a LONG time coming! It took us eight years to get the room to this place. We remodeled, changed the shade of white paint a few times, switched out pendant lights a few times until we finally invested in a great one, and we FINALLY finished our fireplace remodel! In the beginning, we had no idea how we were going to make the fireplace look aesthetic with the rest of the room. I will be sharing our DIY concrete fireplace in another post. For now, let's talk about how far we have come with the entire living room.

Our modern living room sets the tone for everyone walking into our home.

The sofa has made more of a difference than I thought it would. It ties the entire room together. I will be sharing a post on our thoughts on the couch that we decided to get in another post as well. In this post, I will talk about how we renovated the living room to get it to look as modern as possible in the style of home that we have.

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Our Modern Living Room

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Thing That We Changed In The Room


There were several things that we did to change the feel of the room to make it more modern. One of the biggest changes for me was removing the original crown molding at the top of the room. We left it for seven years before finally taking it down. Joel liked it, and over time I realized that I hated it. It made the room feel less modern, more traditional, and a lot more colonial in my opinion. I finally convinced him to take it down and let me paint behind it. It really made a difference. It made the room feel higher and it looks great next to our extremely modern concrete fireplace. Joel likes it a lot now and says that it gives them room straight lines, which matches the modern living room aesthetic of the room that we are going for.


We removed all of the trim and started over. It was all dark red, which I was not about to paint. You can see the original trim in our before post.


Since we have been in the home for eight years now, this living room has seen paint coat after paint coat. We have stuck to all shades of white from Sherwin Williams, but I have painted the room several shades of white to get just the right shade. I think we landed on Snowbound which is one of my favorite colors from the Sherwin Williams HGTV line.

modern living room
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mdoern samsung art tv


The entire house needed new flooring, so we put in hand-scraped Birch in an espresso shade. It's too dark and I wish we had gone lighter, but it looks beautifully modern.


As I mentioned above, the fireplace was a major change for us. We opted for a modern concrete fireplace, which we renovated ourselves. We kept the original brick as seen in this post, but built the entire fireplace off of the wall to add dimension to the area and make it the focal point of the room.


We invested in the Samsung Art Tv. It is worth it and really does look like art on the walls while being functional and centering the room above the fireplace. I did a review of our tv here and talked about why we opted not to do an additional frame on the tv like so many others do.

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We went through so many lights through trial and error to find one that we loved. It honestly came down to money and how expensive high-quality lighting can be. We tried many different lights from IKEA. We even tried DIYing a few. Nothing felt right and we got rid of every single one. I finally invested in lights from Shades Of Light and I will not be changing it out anytime soon if ever. Joel said installing it was even a different experience. He said the higher quality you get, the easier they are to install in addition to how nice they look.


I wanted a modern sofa, but they are so expensive! We found one that we love and have had it for a few months now where I can say it's both comfortable and looks stylish.


We have a lot to do to add style and decor to the room, but for now, I am happy with how modern everything is looking. I did a post on our modern living room design plan here.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on living room design and finding quality pieces!


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