10 Of My Favorite Things This Month

With fall being around the corner, I have felt cozier this month than ever, and I wanted to share some of my favorite things this month. These are mostly end-of-the-summer related, but have given me all the cozy vibes lately or have made life that much easier in one way or another.

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10 Of My Favorite Things This Month


I’ve seen Byredo’s perfume everywhere and I finally bought one of their discovery sets to try the scents out before I purchased one for myself. I’ve tried them for a few months and I’ve landed on Bal d’Afrique as my favorite. Also, if you purchase a discovery set, the $45 is applied to the scent that you purchase if used within a certain amount of time once you receive your set. I didn’t know that when I first purchased it! I just wanted to try out the different scents before committing to one.


I didn’t know what I was missing before! I have used different types of water bottles and mostly glass until recently. Nothing compares to an insulated water bottled! It keeps your water SO cold for so much longer! This one is made of ceramic to avoid metals and plastics. I’m really just in love with the entire Porter Collection and you can find it on Amazon.


I am going to keep buying this bra! I truly love it and it really feels like it fits everyone, no matter your size. I’ve had issues buying bras, so these are a solution to my problem. Not only that, I love the quality of the Skims Collection!


This is a fun gold piece to wear on your ankle for summer! It’s cheap on Amazon, so I don’t wear it all the time or in the shower to avoid turning, but it’s cute and fits perfectly on my ankle. I bought the smaller size for myself and have purchased several as gifts for others. My neighbor introduced me to it and it’s been a fun little gift to include in birthday bags, etc!


I typically use almond oil to hydrate after shaving, but this Nécessaire lotion is my daily lotion to keep my skin hydrated in between oil days, especially at night before bed! It feels so good to go to bed with hydrated skin for a refresh and with this lotion being fragrance free, it’s easy on my legs which can be sensitive to scents.


This necklace is on the pricer side, but it’s high-quality and will last longer than some of the cheaper jewelry pieces that I have purchased. Not to mention the weight of higher quality pieces feels good on. Sometimes you can’t beat the quality of investing in better jewelry and clothes! I wear this most often by stacking it with my Mejuri chain, but it can also be a simple stand alone piece.


These sandals are at the top of my list for my favorite things this month. Once I broke them in, I started living in them. They are so stylish and elevate any simple summer outfit, while being extremely comfortable. They are a bit stiff when you first purchase them, but after a few wears they soften up and are very supportive!


I bought these last year and posted about them in my Amazon Finds. I have not stopped using them, especially during the hot summer that we have had. I twist my hair, clip, and go. No fuss during this heat.


I bought this book for the classic edition aesthetic not knowing how popular this book really is! It’s apparently a lot of people’s top books to read when it comes to business and growing wealth. I’m also really enjoying the read. Sometimes books like these take me forever to read, but this one has kept my interest and I have finished it a lot faster than I would have thought!


Ashley Tisdale just dropped her new line Frenshe in stores at Target so I had to check it out. The scents are delicious and I love the products! I started with this lavender-scented candle as a start and I will definitely be back for more. I’m eyeing the lavender body lotion as well as the perfume oil because I prefer oils over sprays!


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