Our Front Porch Design Plan & Before Photos

front porch Design Plans

Putting together a full front porch design renovation plan was not an easy task. I have no formal training when it comes to interior or exterior design, so coming up with a design plan was an undertaking. Joel and I talked and talked and talked about ideas, only to both get frustrated that we didn’t really feel like it was getting us anywhere. I finally decided that I was going to create a mood board of the EXACT design that I wanted (whatever that would be!) and I wouldn’t come to Joel with any of my ideas until I was sure I had the plan. I went with my gut as I typically do, and spent hours designing until I was really to reveal my plans.

We both loved the front porch design plan that I came up with and we have officially started work!

Our biggest challenge when designing our plan was that I wanted to create a desert look, but we had to find a way to make it work living on the East Coast. We get a lot of heavy rainfall, so we can’t have a flat porch roof as you would see on homes in the desert. We need a drain system, meaning a pointed roof. I also want all concrete and rocks, but we will have to see how it works with erosion and rain. We started on the concrete hiring a team to pour it for us and next up will be the porch roof build.

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Our Front Porch Design Renovation

I will reveal our full renovation once it is done, but for now, I have shared the before and progress photos. We started with the concrete porch. The team decided to pour over the original concrete and brick porch for support reasons. We brought the entire porch up a step as you can see in the before photo with the black doors. We originally had to step up to enter the house. Our concrete guys made it a flat walk straight into the house.


Front Porch Before Photo
French front door renovation


front porch renovation
concrete front porch design

Leave a comment below if you’re anything like me when it comes to designing and planning visually!

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