DIY Ombre Paint-Filled Ornaments To Give Your Christmas Tree a Pop Of Color

paint filled ornaments

This year I have been all about DIY ornaments for our Christmas tree. We bought a new faux tree from Target that I LOVE, and I wanted to give it a curated theme.

I did a mauve and pink color palette for my DIY paint-filled ornaments.

I recommend buying your paint from your local craft store. I purchased a few on Amazon for convenience and they were so expensive! The acrylic paint I used was less than $1 in the craft store. The same color paint by the same brand was $10 on Amazon. If you want the specific colors that I used, put a note in the comments and I will provide the specifics. Otherwise, I just looked for tan, beige, and mauve-pink colors.

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paint filled ornaments for christmas

Materials For Your Paint-Filled Ornaments:

  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Acrylic Paint colors of choice
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint tray
  • Ribbon
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic container that comes with your glass ornaments

How to Make Paint-Filled Ornaments:

  1. Start with the darkest color in your palette. Take one of your clear glass ornaments and squeeze a good amount of paint into the opening. I started with less and added a little bit more as needed.
  2. Swirl your ornament with the opening face up as not to drip out the bottom. Continue swirling until the clear glass is filled.
  3. Set that ornament aside upside down in the plastic ornament container to allow the excess paint to drip out.
  4. Take your second color in the palette and add about two quarter-sized amounts to your paint tray or dish. Add a quarter-sized amount of white and mix the two colors using your paintbrush.
  5. Take another clear glass ornament and scoop your paint into the opening. It is a bit messy, so if you prefer to use a funnel you can do that as well. I didn’t mind the clean up for a quick way to get the paint into the ornament.
  6. Repeat the swirling steps until the glass is covered and set that ornament upside down in the plastic container with your first ornament.
diy ornament ideas-0028
diy ornament ideas-0030
diy ornament ideas
paint filled ornaments

7. Repeat the steps adding more white to each color to create a lighter color effect each time.
8. Once you have finished using your color paint and have created the desired amounts of ombre shades in your palette, it’s time to use your white.
9. Squeeze a good amount of your white paint into your final clear glass ornament and swirl until the glass is fully covered. This is your lightest color in the palette.
10. Flip the white ornament upside down to let the excess paint drip out with the rest of your ornaments.
11. Let them rest for at least one hour, then move them to different pockets if you have extra room. If you do not have the extra room, place them upside down on a paper towel placed on a flat surface. It’s helpful to use an area with a side such as a box top in case one of the ornaments roll.
12. Once your ornaments have dripped out the excess paint, wipe off any extra paint on the sides using your paper towel – might have to get it wet.
13. Place each of your ornaments open side up and allow them to dry overnight. I allowed mine to dry for a few days, but it’s not necessary depending on your time frame for the project.

paint filled ornaments

14. Once your ornaments have completely dried, it’s time to top them with the caps.
15. Cut 12-inches of your linen ribbon and tie one to each of your ornament caps.
16. Squeeze the brackets on your caps and place them over the top of the ornament securely.
17. Repeat for each of your ornaments and hang them on your tree!

As always, tag me in your stories on Instagram @kayteelauren so that I can see them styled on your tree!

diy paint filled ornaments for christmas
diy ornaments
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