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roasted carrots

These whole roasted carrots from The New York Times cooking site have been the best-roasted carrots that I have made. I typically make the carrots in a similar way, but they haven’t quite cooked to the tenderness that they did. One of the main adjustments was that this recipe has you cover them with foil which I think made a huge difference! They came out soft and tender without being shriveled or overcooked.

I have linked the recipe for these roasted carrots in this post.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t have a subscription to the New York Timesrecipes,I highly recommend getting one! I use their recipes often and will be recommending the best of the best recipes that I find. They really are tasty and made by some of the best chefs in the world.

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roasted carrots in the oven

Things That I Adjusted to These Roasted Carrots:

Oven Temperature – Since I was making a whole roasted chicken as well as roasted potatoes for this menu, I needed the oven for all three items. I cooked the chicken first and while the chicken was continuing to slightly cook outside of the oven, I reduced my oven temp to 425 degrees F for the potatoes and added the carrots in with it. Be sure to cover the carrots as the recipe instructs, especially if using a higher temperature as I did.

Whole Carrots – This recipe has you peel and cut your carrots. I used whole carrots with the stems on and peeled them without chopping.

Brushed Olive Oil – Since I used whole carrots, it made tossing them a bit difficult, but the alternative turned out better! I laid the carrots on parchment and brushed them with olive oil using a basting brush. I then brushed them with salt and pepper to add the additional seasoning. They were coated perfectly and I prefer this method to tossing. Plus it saves the extra dishes seasoning them directly on the pan!

Timing – I always under time compared to the recipe to check the carrots, because sometimes the amount of time will depend on how many carrots you are actually cooking, especially if you don’t need as many as the recipe calls for. It will also depend on whether you have another dish in the oven, which I did. I timed them at 15 minutes and checked them, leaving them in the oven for another 10 or so minutes. I think the timing turned out the same as the recipe, but I wanted to mention this step because they came out perfectly tender without overcooking by watching them closely.

oven roasted carrots

New York Times Whole Roasted Carrots Recipe

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