Simply Delicious Oven Roasted Potatoes

roasted potatoes

These roasted potatoes by Love and Lemons are simply delicious! They truly are the best oven roasted potatoes that I have made at home. The cooking times makes them crispy, while the dressing gives them a perfectly seasoned taste. I timed these potatoes after the chicken was done, and cooked them in the oven alongside the roasted carrots that I was preparing. The two sides have similar temperatures, so only slight adjustments had to be made and both sides turned out perfectly.

I have linked the recipe for these roasted potatoes at the bottom of the post.

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love and lemons roasted potatoes

Things I Did For This Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Cut - This doesn't really matter, but I wanted to mention it as something that I did because I liked how the potatoes turned out overall. I didn't peel the potatoes, which I don't think the recipe calls for, and I only cut them in half. Typically, I quarter potatoes whenever baking them, so I wanted to try a different cut. I enjoyed the texture and size of the bite in the way they turned out. 

Cook Time - I started with 25 minutes, but kept checking them. I had small (I mean really small) potatoes on hand in my pantry and I wanted to use what I had, so I kept an eye during baking and adjusted if needed.

Flipped the Potatoes - I flipped my potatoes in the oven and I am glad I didn't skip this step! They were much more brown on the bottoms where the potatoes were touching the pan. If I had only kept tabs based on how they looked in the oven, I would have slightly overcooked them.

Saved Some Dressing - The recipe mentions that you might not need all of the dressing when tossing the potatoes and I didn't. I had a good amount, almost all of it left over. Instead of pouring it over the entire dish, I saved the ramekin and put it on the table with a serving spoon for people to use extra if they wanted. This is especially important to note if you are using less potatoes than the recipe calls for. Sometimes I am only cooking for our little family of three and we don't need the full amount that some recipes use!

crispy oven potatoes
oven potatoes


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